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The example of good conductor of electricity is ___________?

A. Rubber
B. Glass
C. Copper
D. Plastic

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Correct Answer: C (Copper)


A good conductor of electricity is a material that allows electric current to flow through it easily. Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity as it has a low resistance to electrical flow. Copper is commonly used in electrical wiring due to its high electrical conductivity and ability to resist corrosion.

Rubber and plastic are both insulators and do not conduct electricity. Glass is also an insulator but can be made conductive by adding impurities to it.

The Importance of Conductivity in Electrical Applications

In electrical applications, the conductivity of a material is an essential factor to consider. Conductors like copper are used to make electrical wires and cables, which are used to transmit electric power from one point to another. Copper’s high conductivity means that less energy is lost as heat during transmission, resulting in a more efficient transfer of power.

On the other hand, insulators like rubber and plastic are used to protect people from electrical shock. They are also used to insulate electrical wires and cables to prevent current leakage and short circuits. Without proper insulation, electrical accidents can occur, which can lead to injury or even death.

In summary, conductivity is an important factor in electrical applications, and copper is an excellent conductor of electricity due to its low resistance and high conductivity.

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