The lifespan of White Blood Cells is __________ day(s)?

A. 5 – 21 days
B. 21 – 50
C. 50 – 120 days
D. 80 – 1 50 days

The lifespan of white blood cell

The lifespan of white blood cells ranges from 5 to 20 days. White blood cells are made inside the bone marrow and stored in your blood and lymphatic tissues. Because some white blood cells have a short lifespan of 1 to 3 days, a human’s bone marrow is constantly making the white blood cells.

WBC have a short life span of 5 – 21 days. The lymphocytes are developed in the lymph glands. after which time they are destroyed in the lymphatic system. White blood cells act as antibodies and provide strength to the body’s immune system. WBC is also known as leucocytes.

Difference Between RBC and WBC

Red blood cells (RBC)

1. They do not have a nucleus at maturity

2. They possess haemoglobin and are red

3. They help in transport of respiratory gases.

4. They are about 5 million/ mm3 of blood.

5. Life span 120 days

6. In the embryonic stage the RBC are formed in the live and spleen. But after birth, they are formed in the red bone marrow. The process of formation of RBC is known as erythropoiesis.

White blood cells (WBC)

1. They have a large characteristic nucleus

2. They are colourless as they have no pigment

3. They help in defence mechanism

4. They are about 7000/mm3 of blood

5. WBC have short life span of 5-21 days

6. WBC are formed in the red bone marrow. The process of formation of WBC is known as leucopoiesis.

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