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Where was the recent joint OIC/Arab League summit 20203 held?
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Where was the recent joint OIC/Arab League summit 20203 held?
A. Dubai
B. Riyadh

C. Jerusalem
D. Tehran

The recent joint OIC/Arab League Summit 2023 was held in Riyadh. This joint OIC/Arab League summit aimed at addressing the Gaza tragedy fell short of expectations. The conference, brimming with Muslim world leaders, resulted in no concrete action plan to halt the ongoing massacre in Gaza. While the summit included calls for a ceasefire and condemnation of Israeli violence, it lacked substantial steps to address the crisis. Amid the summit’s luxury, the people of Gaza, reeling from burying their loved ones daily, remained at the mercy of Israeli strikes. Various suggestions, such as calls to sever ties with Israel or designate the Israeli military as a terrorist group, found little support. Despite the alarming death toll, the Muslim world’s influential figures failed to unify in communicating a clear message that the massacre of Palestinians must cease. The helplessness of grand political gestures against Israeli aggression remains evident as the slaughter persists while world leaders either stand by or provide feeble appeals to halt the bloodshed.

IMPORTANT Facts and Figures Given in the article “OIC inaction,” Editorial by Dawn, November 13th, 2023″:

  • The OIC/Arab League summit in Riyadh aimed to address the Gaza tragedy, with minimal substantive outcomes.
  • Calls for a ceasefire and condemnation of Israeli violence were echoed at the summit but without effective action plans.
  • Suggestions made to suspend ties with Israel or label the Israeli military as a “terrorist group” found little support.
  • Despite the significant death toll in the Gaza massacre, influential figures in the Muslim world failed to unite in denouncing the attacks on Palestinians.

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