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Which formula represents the relationship between force, power, and velocity?
Force = Power x Velocity
Force = Power / Velocity
Force = Power + Velocity
Force = Power – Velocity
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Correct Answer: B (Force = Power / Velocity)

Relationship Between Force, Power, and Velocity


In physics, force, power, and velocity are interconnected concepts that describe the motion and interaction of objects. Understanding their relationship is fundamental in various scientific and engineering applications.

The Correct Formula

The correct formula representing the relationship between force, power, and velocity is “B) Force = Power / Velocity.” This formula states that force is equal to power divided by velocity.


  • Force (F) represents the push or pull applied to an object and is measured in newtons (N).
  • Power (P) measures the rate at which work is done or energy is transferred and is typically measured in watts (W).
  • Velocity (v) is the speed of an object in a specific direction and is measured in meters per second (m/s).

The formula “Force = Power / Velocity” indicates that force is inversely proportional to velocity. In other words, when power remains constant, increasing velocity results in a decrease in force, and vice versa.


Understanding the relationship between force, power, and velocity is essential in various scientific and engineering contexts, including mechanics, energy transfer, and the design of machinery. The formula “Force = Power / Velocity” helps describe how these factors interact and influence the motion and behavior of objects.

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