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World Disputes Border MCQs with Answers: An Insight into Geopolitical Conflicts

In today’s interconnected world, understanding geopolitical conflicts and disputes is key to global literacy. To aid this learning process, we have compiled a comprehensive list of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with answers on world border disputes. This includes everything from the well-known Aksai Chin dispute between India and China to the lesser-known disputes such as those over the Hans area between Denmark and Canada.

A Glance at World Border Disputes

Border disputes have long been a part of international relations. They can stem from historical disagreements, cultural differences, or resource competition. While some are resolved peacefully, others escalate into full-blown conflicts. Understanding these disputes not only helps us appreciate the complexities of international relations but also the importance of negotiation and dialogue in conflict resolution.

MCQs on Prominent World Border Disputes

Aksai Chin Dispute

The Aksai Chin area is a disputed territory between the countries of India and China. The territorial conflict is primarily due to the strategic location of the area.

Nagorno-Karabakh & Lachin Corridor Dispute

The Nagorno-Karabakh and the Lachin Corridor have long been disputed territories between Azerbaijan and Armenia. This conflict has its roots in the ethnic and territorial claims of both countries.

Parcel Island Dispute

Parcel Island, currently under Chinese administration, is disputed among China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. This dispute stems from competing sovereignty claims over the South China Sea region.

Golan Heights Dispute

The Golan Heights are disputed between Israel and Syria. The conflict over this area stems from both historical and strategic reasons, with its control being of significant strategic importance.

Beaufort Sea Dispute

The Beaufort Sea dispute is a conflict between the United States and Canada. The conflict centers on the delineation of the maritime boundary in the Beaufort Sea area, an area rich in potential oil and gas reserves.

Gibraltar Dispute

Gibraltar, under the control of the UK, is disputed between the UK and Spain. This dispute has its roots in the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713.

Mont Blank Dispute

Mont Blank is disputed between France and Italy. The disagreement here is over the precise boundary line across the highest point of the mountain.

Find more Disputed Borders of the World Mcqs

Which area is disputed between India and China?

A. Canary Island
B. Aksai Chin
C. Ogaden
D. Bay of Piran

Nagorno-Karabakh & Lachin Corridor are disputed between which countries?

A. Japan & Russia
B. Fiji & Kiribati
C. Azerbaijan & Armenia
D. China, Taiwan & Vietnam

Who are in dispute over Parcel Island?

A. Denmark & Canada
B. China, Taiwan & Vietnam
C. India & Bangladesh
D. Iran & UAE

The Golan Heights are disputed between which countries?

A. Spain & Morocco
B. Israel & Syria
C. Kenya, Ethiopia & Sudan
D. Turkey & Greece

Which area is disputed between Pakistan and Afghanistan?

A. Aksai Chin
B. Bangi Dear
C. Nagorno-Karabakh
D. Isfara Valley

Which areas are disputed between Spain and Morocco?

A. Canary Island, Cetuyta, Melilla, Isla Pecejil Chafarinas
B. Halaib Triangle
C. Aksai Chin
D. Isfara Valley

Which area is disputed among Syria, Israel, and Lebanon?

A. Nagorno-Karabakh
B. Hermon Area
C. Isfara Valley
D. Halaib Triangle

The Hans area is disputed between which countries?

A. Spain & Morocco
B. India & Bangladesh
C. Denmark & Canada
D. Syria, Israel & Lebanon

Which area is disputed between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

A. Bangi Dear
B. Badme dispute & Bure Dispute
C. Isfara Valley
D. Hans area

The Mayott area is disputed between which countries?

A. India & Bangladesh
B. France & Comoros
C. Denmark & Canada
D. Spain & Morocco

Which islands are disputed between England and Argentina?

A. Banana Island
B. Shag Rocks, Falkland Islands & Island of Malvinas
C. Kurail Islands
D. Spartly Islands

The Senkaku Islands are disputed among which countries?

A. Spain & Morocco
B. China, Taiwan & Japan
C. India & Pakistan
D. Fiji & Kiribati

Who are in dispute over the Halaib Triangle?

A. Fiji & Kiribati
B. Iran & UAE
C. Sudan & Egypt
D. Denmark & Canada

Who are in conflict over the Beaufort Sea?

A. China, Taiwan & Vietnam
B. Spain & Morocco
C. Kenya, Ethiopia & Sudan
D. United States & Canada

Which area is disputed between the UK and Spain?

A. Aksai Chin
B. Canary Island
C. Gibraltar
D. Halaib Triangle

Which area is disputed between France and Italy?

A. Bird Island
B. Ogaden
C. Halaib Triangle
D. Mont Blank

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The Kurail Islands are disputed between which countries?

A. Kenya, Ethiopia & Sudan
B. Fiji & Kiribati
C. Japan & Russia
D. Slovenia & Croatia

The Ilemi Triangle is disputed among which countries?

A. Kenya, Ethiopia & Sudan
B. China, Taiwan & Vietnam
C. Japan & Russia
D. Iran & UAE

The Isfara Valley is disputed between which countries?

A. Israel & Syria
B. Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan
C. Denmark & Canada
D. Sudan & Egypt

The Talbul Project is disputed between which countries?

A. Iran & UAE
B. India & Pakistan
C. Spain & Morocco
D. Fiji & Kiribati

Which area is disputed between India and Bangladesh?

A. Aksai Chin
B. Golan Heights
C. Talpatty Island
D. Gibraltar

The Bay of Piran is disputed between which countries?

A. Israel & Syria
B. Iran & UAE
C. Slovenia & Croatia
D. Sudan & Egypt

The Spartly Islands are disputed among which countries?

A. Iran & UAE
B. India & Bangladesh
C. Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines & China
D. Spain & Morocco

Which island is disputed between Fiji & Kiribati?

A. Aksai Chin
B. Banana Island
C. Isfara Valley
D. Talpatty Island


Understanding these world border disputes can provide us with valuable insights into global politics, history, and diplomacy. They show us how international conflicts arise and remind us of the importance of peaceful dialogue in resolving these disputes. We hope these MCQs on world border disputes with answers will help you in your studies and knowledge enrichment about world geography and geopolitical conflicts.

Stay tuned for more informative articles on various geopolitical issues!


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