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Here, you will five hundred MCQs of Health and Physical education for FPSC, KPPSC, PPSC, SPSC, NTS, PTS, UTS, OTS  and competitive exams of Pakistan.

Frequently asked questions logo of CSSMCQs
Frequently asked questions logo of CSSMCQs


1 2004 Olympic games held in __________ Greek
2 Athletics are also called the base of _____________ Olympic Games
3 Duration of SarkalKabadi match ___________ 40 min
4 First President of Pakistan Golf Federation ______________ Justice A R Karnees
5 For winning the game lead is required __________ 2
6 Height of Nanga Parbat ___________ 8125 m
7 How many lanes on track ____________ 8
8 How many substitute players in Valley Ball team __________ 6
9 How many umpires in Base Ball __________ 4
10 In 100 m women hurdles competition distance between hurdles _____________ 8.5 m
11 In 110 meter men hurdle race the height of hurdles ___________ 1.067 m
12 In 2006 Asian Games how many countries participated in Kabadi ____________ 12
13 In which year Pakistan won ODI world cup __________ 1992
14 Judo is introduced in Olympic game__________ 1964
15 Old name of Pakistan Golf Federation ____________ Pakistan Golf Union
16 The game of Chess started from ___________ 3000 BC
17 The stick which is used to hit the ball in Golf is called _________ Club
18 Total height of K-2 ____________ 8516 m
19 Total number of player in Cricket team __________ 11
20 Total Number of players in Beach Volley Ball Game ____________ 2
21 Total weight of Table Tennis Ball ______________ 2.7
22 Weight of Valley Ball ball is________ 9 to 10 ounce
23 What is the lowest score in in ODI cricket record __________ 43 runs
24 When Asian Kabadi Federation is established ____________ 1978
25 When Base Ball started in Pakistan _________ 1992
26 When first Asian Kabadi Championship held ________ 1980
27 When first FIFA World Cup held __________ 1930
28 When first time Basketball introduce in Olympic Games __________ 1940
29 When International Polo Federation was established ________ 1983
30 When Pakistan first time participate in Davis Cup ____________ 1948
31 Which Country first of all introduce Chess __________ Hindustan
32 Which device used to measure the wind velocity __________ The wind gauge
33 Which is the biggest race in Olympic games ______________ Marathon Race
34 Which is the highest mountain in Pakistan ___________ K-2
35 Which player won more titles of Tour de France _________ France
36 Which team won First FIFA world Cup ____________ Uruguay
37 Which team won the world cup 2007 _________ Australia
38 Width of Valley Ball courts lines __________ 5 cm
39 ___________Tendon located in the posterior side of the lower leg. Achilles
40 ___________The main mass of nervous tissue, typing between sensory receptors, which acts as an integrating centre. Central nervous system
41 ___________The term used to describe an aggregation of body cells with specialized structure and function. Tissue
42 _________is psychological study of moral principles? Axiology
43 _______Is the residual fluid of blood left after removal of the cellular elements. Plasma
44 _______Is the science, which deals with the description of the structure of cells, tissues, organs and organisms. Anatomy
45 ‘Pele’ is related to which game? Swimming
46 ‘Stimulus Response Theory’ was given by? E. L. Thorndike
47 18.29 M Triple jump record is of Jonathan Adword
48 2008 Olympic games held in which country __________ China
49 2011 world cup held in which country _________ All of these
50 2nd name of athletics is _______________ Track and Field Exercises
51 400 meter race was included in ……Olympic 1912
52 4th Asian Games held in which Country ______________ Pakistan
53 9th Asian Games held in which Country ____________ Pakistan
54 A log distance runner must consume more quantity of? Carbohydrate
55 A muscle fibre relaxes when: The nerve stimulus is removed
56 A perfect food, known as nutritious is one that? Contains all nutritious elements of food
57 A rich source of Vitamin a is: Apricot
58 A stress situation which grabs a person completely in-very shour time is? Acute
59 A typical fiber in the adult man may have a diameter of 50-70 mm
60 Abdominal muscles are best developed from: Abdominal crunch
61 Abdominal muscles are best developed from? Playing
62 According to rules, the colour of football goal post is? White
63 Aerobic power can be enhanced by? Circuit training
64 After calcium ions have been released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum they: Bind to troponin
65 After emulsion, the digestion of fat is done by an enzyme called? Lipase
66 Against which country ‘Maradona’ scored the goal of the century? England
67 Age measured in days, months and years is called? Birth Age
68 Agility may be needed in speed, balance,coordination and ____? Strength
69 All of the following are excitable tissues except: Miniscule cartilage
70 All the following factors add to instability of shoulder joint except? Organ of long head of biceps
71 An example of injury caused by macrotreuma is: Sprain
72 An immeiate emotional state of apprehension & tension is response to specific situation is called? Trait Anxiety
73 An offensive play that is commonly used in basketball for a set shot is the? Pivot
74 Anaerobic metabolism refers to the generation of ATP: Without the use of oxygen
75 Angle of javelin through ____________ 29
76 Apparatus to measure fat percentage in body is? Skinfold Meter/Caliper
77 Appendix is helpful in Digestive system of human being for? Not helpful in digestive process
78 Appropriatensess, usefulness, meaningulness of any inference a researcher draws refers to data? Validity of the data
79 Approximately, what percentge of heart is generated y muscle tissue? 0.85
80 Are heavy exercises good for sound sleep? No
81 Artery carries the supply of blood towards heart? Pulmonary artery
82 Asian Games are also known as _________ Asia
83 Asian Games took place after every __________ 4 years
84 At what score ends will be changed in the Tie break game in Tennis? 42741
85 Athlete’s foot is caused by Virus
86 Automatic nervous system controls the _____________function of the body. Involuntary
87 Balanced diet contains All of the above
88 Ball and Socket types of Joint is? Tri-axial Joint
89 Base Ball is the national game of which country __________ America
90 Bearden and hungry the Javelin Throw was considered regular game in 1870
91 Before the Shot Put competition all the players are given tums 42768
92 Bhartiyam was conducted to promote? Mass rhythmic activities
93 Blood gets de oxygenate in: Nerves
94 Blood gets de-oxygenated in? Heart
95 Blood is purified in the human body by? Oxygen
96 Blood plasma also circulates _________and contains several of the components essential for the formation of blood clots. Immune bodies
97 Blood transport waste products to __________for elimination from the body. Excretory organs
98 Brachial artery lies on the anterior aspect of all the following structures except? Terse Major
99 By which hormone High Blood Sugar level can be controlled in stomach? Insulin
100 Carbohydrates are converted into sugar in the: Digestive tract

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