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A woman bought a laptop for Rs. 73,500 at a 20% discount. How much did she save?
Rs. 14,700
Rs. 15,000
Rs. 16,500
Rs. 18,000
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Correct Answer: A (Rs. 14,700)

A woman bought a laptop for Rs. 73,500 at a 20% discount. How much did she save?

A. Rs. 14,700
B. Rs. 15,000
C. Rs. 16,500
D. Rs. 18,000


When the woman bought the laptop for Rs. 73,500 at a 20% discount, she paid only 80% of the original price.

Discount = 20% of Rs. 73,500 = Rs. (0.20 * 73,500) = Rs. 14,700

So, the amount she saved is Rs. 14,700.

Calculating Savings:

To calculate the amount saved, we need to find 20% of the original price, which is Rs. 73,500.

Therefore, 20% of Rs. 73,500 = Rs. (0.20 * 73,500) = Rs. 14,700.


Purchasing items at a discount can lead to significant savings. In this case, the woman saved Rs. 14,700 on her laptop purchase by taking advantage of a 20% discount. This demonstrates the importance of understanding percentages and discounts while making informed financial decisions.

More About Discounts:

Discounts play a crucial role in consumer economics. They are commonly used by retailers to attract customers and increase sales. A discount is a reduction in the original price of a product or service. It can be expressed as a percentage of the original price, as seen in the example above. Customers often calculate the amount saved on a discounted item to understand the value they’re getting.

Exploring Percentage Calculations:

Percentage calculations are fundamental in various aspects of everyday life, from shopping to finance. Understanding percentages helps individuals assess deals, discounts, and interest rates. To calculate a percentage of a value, you multiply the value by the percentage (expressed as a decimal). In this case, the woman’s savings were determined by multiplying the original price by the discount percentage (20%).

Understanding the Concept of Savings:

Saving money is a key aspect of financial planning. Whether it’s through discounts, budgeting, or investments, saving money allows individuals to achieve their financial goals. By being mindful of discounts and making informed purchase decisions, people can maximize their savings and make the most of their hard-earned money.

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