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Asad has a 150W solar panel with a voltage of 22.4V and a current of 8.6A. He wants to charge his 130AH battery using this solar panel. How many hours will it approximately take to fully charge his battery?

A. 10.12 hours
B. 15.36 hours
C. 19.41 hours
D. 26.57 hours

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Correct Answer: C (19.41 hours)


To calculate the charging time, we need to convert the battery capacity from ampere-hours (AH) to watt-hours (WH) and then divide it by the solar panel power.

First, let’s convert the battery capacity from AH to WH:
Battery Capacity (WH) = Battery Capacity (AH) * Voltage
Battery Capacity (WH) = 130 AH * 22.4V = 2912 WH

Now, we can calculate the charging time by dividing the battery capacity by the solar panel power:
Charging Time (hours) = Battery Capacity (WH) / Solar Panel Power (W)
Charging Time (hours) = 2912 WH / 150W ≈ 19.41 hours

Therefore, it would take approximately 19.41 hours to charge Asad’s 130AH battery using the 150W solar panel. Please note that this is an estimate and may vary based on factors such as

  1. panel efficiency,
  2. sunlight availability, and
  3. charging losses.

Solar Panel Charging Time Calculation


Efficient charging of batteries using solar panels is a vital aspect of maximizing the benefits of renewable energy. Asad, who owns a 150W solar panel with specific voltage and current ratings, seeks to charge his 130AH battery. By understanding the calculations involved in estimating the charging time, individuals can plan their energy usage effectively and optimize the utilization of solar power.

The Solar Panel and Battery Specifications:

Asad’s solar panel has a power output of 150W, operates at a voltage of 22.4V, and generates a current of 8.6A. His battery has a capacity of 130AH. These specifications serve as essential parameters for calculating the approximate charging time.

Converting Battery Capacity to Watt-Hours:

To ensure compatibility between the battery capacity and the solar panel power, it is important to convert the battery capacity from AH to WH. This conversion involves multiplying the battery capacity by the nominal voltage. For Asad’s battery, the calculation is as follows:
Battery Capacity (WH) = Battery Capacity (AH) * Voltage
Battery Capacity (WH) = 130 AH * 22.4V = 2912 WH

Calculating the Charging Time:

With the battery capacity now expressed in watt-hours, the next step is to determine the approximate charging time. This can be achieved by dividing the battery capacity by the solar panel power:
Charging Time (hours) = Battery Capacity (WH) / Solar Panel Power (W)
Charging Time (hours) = 2912 WH / 150W ≈ 19.41 hours

Considerations for Charging Time:

While the estimated charging time for Asad’s battery is approximately 19.41 hours, it’s important to note that the actual charging time may vary due to various factors. These factors include panel efficiency, sunlight availability, shading, temperature, and charging losses. Monitoring the charging process and considering these variables will help optimize energy utilization.


Charging a 130AH battery using Asad’s 150W solar panel will take approximately 19.41 hours. By understanding the calculations involved and considering various factors, individuals can make informed decisions about utilizing solar energy effectively. Harnessing the power of the sun not only promotes sustainable practices but also reduces reliance on traditional energy sources. As the world transitions towards renewable energy, optimizing solar power systems becomes crucial for a greener and cleaner future.

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