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SUMMARY of the [Climate resilience], [Ajaz Ahmed], [Published on May 21st, 2024]

The modern economy relies heavily on critical infrastructure for basic services, but climate change poses significant challenges to its sustainability. Climate-related natural disasters disrupted essential services in at least 44 countries in 2020 and 2021, with financial losses in low- and middle-income countries reaching $647 billion in 2019. Developing countries like Pakistan need to focus on making their infrastructure resilient to climate shocks, such as floods. Currently, infrastructure development often overlooks climate risks due to high upfront costs. When disasters strike, they destroy infrastructure and disrupt services, exacerbating vulnerabilities. Resilient infrastructure, however, can enhance service reliability, prolong asset life, and support livelihoods. » Read More…

SUMMARY of the [Good Governance], [Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry], [Published on May 19th, 2024]

Successive Pakistani governments have failed to deliver good governance due to chronic political instability, inconsistent economic policies, weak institutions, pervasive corruption, and lack of accountability. These issues have led to mismanagement of resources, unsustainable debt, poor public services, and growing disparities, causing a loss of trust in the government and state institutions. The root cause of these problems lies in the flawed practice of

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You forbade me to sit there. CHANGE THE NARRATION
You said to me, “Sit there.”
You told me, “Sit there.”
You said to me, “Do not sit there.”
You advised me, “To sit there.”
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Correct Answer: You said to me, “Do not sit there.
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International Organisations and Headquarters

list of prominent international organisations and their headquarters.
list of prominent international organisations and their headquarters.

International organisations play a crucial role in addressing global challenges and promoting cooperation among nations. These organisations have their headquarters in various cities around the world, and it’s essential to know where they are located. In this article, we will provide you with a list of prominent international organisations and their headquarters.

International Organisation Headquarters
UNO New York
NAM New York
UNFPA New York
FAO Rome
Red Cross Geneva
ILO Geneva
WHO Geneva
UNHCR Geneva
WTO Geneva
WMO Geneva (World meteorological organisation)
World Economic Forum Geneva
UNIDO Vienna
OPEC Vienna
IAEA Vienna
EU Brussels

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