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Computer Mcqs Basic Questions and Answers

Image shows Computer MCQs by CSS MCQs
Computer MCQs by CSSMCQs

MCQs of Computer are given here with their Correct Answers. As Computer MCQs are asked almost in every test these days. Therefore, the importance of Computer Mcq cannot be denied. In this post, some famous questions and answers to MCQs about computer are given proper order. These questions of Computer Science are asked in previous tests and past papers. Computer Basic MCQs,  Microsoft MCQs i.e MS Office, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MCQ on Internet and MCQ based on Software and hardware can be found here.

One liner Computer Mcqs Questions and Answers

  1. The length of IP address is?

Answer: 32 bits

  1. Facebook was launched in?

Answer: 2004

  1. The docx file contains?

Answer: MS Office Word

  1. The file extension DLL stands for?

Answer: Dynamic Link Library

  1. The extension of a MS Access Database is?

Answer: mdb.

  1. The key combination used to permanently delete a file from Windows computer?

Answer: Shift + delete

  1. Shortcut Key to open a new document is?

Answer: Ctrl + N

  1. Data is permanently stored in?

Answer: Hard Disk

  1. What are the steps to upgrade a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version of Windows?

Answer: It cannot be upgraded

  1. To change a lowercase letter to uppercase and uppercase letter to lowercase select?

Answer: Sentence Case

  1. CSS stands for:

Answer: Cascading Style Sheets

  1. The general format of the URL is as follows:

Answer: type: // Address /path /

  1. The computer abbreviation “OS” stands for:

Answer: Operating System

  1. The shortcut key to delete a file without sending to recycle Bin is:

Answer: Shift + Del

  1. How many versions of Windows 8 for PC have been released?

Answer: 3 versions

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