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Everyday Science Mcqs

Everyday Science Mcqs plays a very important role in CSS as well as PMS Exams besides FPSC Exams. Here, you will find the everyday science mcqs pdf free download Multiple Choice Questions taken are from various branches of Science Subject i.e Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Atmospheric Studies etc. Everyday Science top 100 mcqs of everyday science Preparation Practice Questions. All Important Abbreviations related to Everyday Science in MCQs. General Science mcqs and Scientific facts MCQs. Everyday science mcqs for entry test most repeated everyday science mcqs

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General Science and Ability Quiz

Everyday Science Mcqs With Answers Pdf Download

1.   The planet of the solar system which has the maximum number of Moon

A.   Jupiter
B.   Venus
C.   Saturn
D.   Uranus

2.   Sun is a:

A.   Planet
B.   Comet
C.   Satellite
D.    Aurora
E.    None of these

3.   The age of the solar system is

A.   4.5 billion years
B.   5.5 billion years
C.   6.5 billion years
D.   7.5 billion years

4.   A unit of length equal to the average distance between the earth and the sun is called

A.   Light year
B.   Astronomical unit
C.   Parsec
D.   Parallax

5.   An eclipse of the sun occurs when

A.   The moon is between the sun and the earth
B.   The moon is between the earth and the moon
C.   The earth is between the sun and the moon
D.   The earth casts its shadow on the moon

6.   The ozone layer protects the earth from rays sent by the sun:

A.   Ultraviolet rays
B.   Infrared rays
C.   Gamma rays
D.   Radioactive rays

7.   The ozone layer is present about 30miles (50km) .In atmosphere above earth.The stratum (layer) of atmosphere in which ozone layer lies is called as:

A.   Exosphere
B.   Mesosphere
C.   Stratosphere
D.   Ionosphere
D.   Troposphere

8.   Which rocks are formed by the alteration of pre-existing rocks by great heat or pressure.

A.   Igneous rocks
B.   Sedimentary rocks
C.   Metamorphic rocks
D.   Acid rocks
E.   Basic rocks

9.   The most abundant elements in sea water are

A.   Magnetic and Pyrite
B.   Magnetic and Bauxeit
C.   Hematite and pyrite
D.   Hematite and Magnetite
E.   Hematite and Bauxite

10.   The most abundant element in sea water are

A.   Sodium and Potassium
B.   Sodium and Calcium
C.   Sodium and Chlorine
D.   Chlorine and Iodine
E.   Magnesium and Sulphur

11.   An electric current can produce

A.   Chemical effect
B.   Magnetic effects
C.   Heating effects
D.   All of these

12.   The unit of home electricity energy consumption is:

A.   Watt hour
B.   Kilowatt hour
C.   Joul hour
D.   Kilojoule hour

13.   The magnet always points in the same direction.If move freely i.e towards north and south poles,because of:

A.   Gravitational field
B.   A lot of metals deposits on north pole and south pole
C.   Due to attraction of north pole and repulsion of Western pole
D.   Earth is a huge magnet
E.    None of these

14.   When a sound is reflected from floor, celling or a wall, it mixes with the original sound and changes its complexion, it is called as ?

A.   Sound
B.    Echo
C.   Reverberation
D.   Noise
E.   Noise of these

15.   The speed of sound in dry air at 20oC

A.   130 meters per second
B.   230 meters per second
C.   330 meters per second
D.   430 meters per second

16.   The speed of light in a vacuum is about

A.    330 Million per second
B.   300 Million meters per hour
C.   300 Million kilometres per second
D.    300 Million kilometres per hour

17.   The time light takes from Sun to reach Earth is:

A.    8 minutes
B.   25 minutes
C.   45 minutes
D.   60 minutes

18.   Light from Sun travel a distance before it reaches Earth:

A.   50 Million Km
B.   100 Million km
C.   150 Million Km
D.   200 Miilion Km

19.   The most suitable thermometer for measuring the boiling point of water is:

A.   Mercury thermometer
B.   Alcohol thermometer
C.   Bimetallic thermometer
D.   Liquid crystal thermometer

20.   The density of water is greatest at:

A.   32oC
B.   0oC
C.   4oC
D.   100oC

21.   Which of the following statement is true:

A.   Gases do not conduct heat
B.   The best conductors are non-metal
C.   Conduction current occurs only in liquids
D.   A vacuum cannot heat

22.   Ice can be changed to water by:

A.   Adding more water molecules
B.   Changing the motion of the water molecule
C.   Re arranging the atoms in water molecules
D.   Destroying the atoms in water molecules
E.   None of these

23.   The builiding blocks of element are called:

A.   Atoms
B.   Molecules
C.   Compounds
D.   Isotops

24.   Boiling of an egg is a change which is:

A.   Physical
B.   Chemical
C.   Physiological
D.   Morphological

25.   The temperature of liquid nitrogen is:

A.   -32oC
B.   -80oC
C.   -100oC
D.   -196oC

26.   Which of the following is an Alkali?

A.   Water
B.   vinegar
C.   Lemon juice
D.   Slaked lime

27.   If an Alkali slowly added to an acidic solution ,the pH of the acidic solution will:

A.   Increase
B.   Decrease
C.   Increase to 7 and then decrease
D.   Decrease to 7 and then increase
E.   Will remain same

28.   The usual raw material for ceramics,generally found beneath the top soil is

A.   Sand
B.   Slit
C.   Clay
D.   Plaster of Paris
D.   Melamine

29.    Polyamides are sythetic polymers commonly known as:

A.   Sythetic rubber
B.   Nylon
C.   Cellulose
D.   Proteins
D.    None of these

30.   Telephone was invented in 1876 in America by:

A.   Marconi
B.   Galileo
C.   John Beard
D.   Edison
D.   Graham Bell

31.   Information can be sent over long distance in the form of :

A.   Electrical signals through wire
B.   Light signals through optical fibres
C.   Radio waves through air
D.   Any cobmbination of these three

32.   Information can be stored in:

A.   Audio and video signal cassettes
B.   Floppy and compact discs
C.   Hard disks
D.   Laser and optical disks
E.   All of these four

33.   Computer can:

A.   Add and subtract information
B.   Add subtract and sort information only
C.   Add subtarct sort and classify information
D.   Add and subtract but cannot sort information
E.   Add subtract and sort but cannot classify information

34.   IBM stands for:

A.   International Business Machine
B.   International Big machine
C.   Interrelated Business Machines
D.   Interrelated Big Machines

35.   Chemicals used to kill woods are called as:

A.   Insecticides
B.   Fungicides
C.   Herbicides
D.   Fumigants

36.   The cytoplasm consists of several types of structures, which are called:

A.   Protoplasm
B.   Nucleus
C.   Cytochromes
D.   Organelles

37.   The structure of DNA was elaborated by Watson and Crick in:

A.   1909
B.   1923
C.   1945
D.   1953

38.   In a DNA molecules, the rule for base pairing is:

A.   Adenine always bound with thymine and cytosine with guanine
B.   Adenine always bound with cytosine and thymine with guanine
C.   Adernine always bound with guanine and cytosine with thyamine
D.   Adenine always bound with uracil and cytosine with guanine

39.   Man belongs to the family:

A.   Felidae
B.   Hominidae
C.   Mammalia
D.   Primataceae

40.   Deficiency of vitamin C in human body causes a deficiency diseases called:

A.   Beneceri
B.   Night blindness
C.   Rickets
D.   Scurvy

41.   To measure the specific gravity of ilk, the instrument used is:

A.   Hygrometer
B.   Barometer
C.   Lactometer
D.   Hydrometer

42.   One of the fundamental characters of living organism is :

A.   Photosynthesis
B.   Digestion
C.   Excretion
D.   Metabolism

43.   Plants growing on other plants as:

A.   Saprophyles
B.   Parasites
C.   Epiphyles
D.   Pathogens

44.   As per eating habit,squirrels are:

A.   Frugivorous
B.   Herbivorous
C.   Carnivours
D.   Omnivorous
D.   Insectivorous

45.   Water loss from leaves through stomata is called as:

A.   Evaporation
B.   Transpiration
C.   Evapo-Transpiration
D.   Respiration

46.   The study of how plants and animals interact one another and with the non-living environment is called as:

A.   Ecosystem
B.   Socialogy
C.   Ecology
D.   Habital

47.   The number of bones in human body is:

A.   200
B.   202
C.   204
D.   206

48.   Nervous system in human consist of:

A.   Brain and spinal cord
B.   Brain and nerves
C.   Spinal card and nerve
D.   Brain,spinal cord and nerves

49.   The human eye,the light sensitive layer made of specializes nerve cells,rod and cones is called as:

A.   The pupil
B.   The cornea
C.   The sclera
D.   The retina

50.   Erythrocytes are also called as:

A.   Red blood cells
B.   white bolld cells
C.   Platelets
D.   None

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