Inspector Anti Corruption FPSC Exam MCQs

1) ALU gets a command from? Control Section
2) Vitamin D important for? Bones
3) World wide web standardized as? W3C

4) How to enter formula in microsoft excel? with = sign
5) Afro-asian summit held? 21–25 April 2015 jakarta
6) Second son of Hazrat Ibrahim? Hazrat Ishaq (مالسلا عليه)
7) Who ran between safa marwaa? Hazrat Hajra
8) Where is maqame Ibrahimi? Near the Holy Kaaba
9) Name of foster mother of Holy Prophet PBUH? Hazrat Halima Sadia (RA)
10) Dara shaikho was follower of? Hazrat Mian Mir
11) Detroit is famous for? automotive industry
12) 1280 km in miles? 79535 mile
13) Approx 40% oil passes through which strait? Hormuz
14) What is working boundary? International boarder b/w pak & India
15) LOC is boundary between pakistan and? India
16) Name of Israeli president who visited india? Reuven Rivlin
17) Who was nicolas sarkozy? President of France
18) Indian unprovoked firing on 14th nov in which sector? Bhimber sector
19) Ilbert bill in? 1883
20) Synonym of detestable is Abhorrent
21) Profane means Secular
22) Eminent Renowed
23) Lowest fraction of 15/9 is 5/3
24) Largest arms and ammunation factory in? Wah Cantt
25) Continent with no desert? europe
26) A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!
27) First constitution under which prime minister? Ch Muhammad Ali
28) incident of kerballa in which hijery 61
29) correct spelling of “EXISTENCE”
30) Rann of kutch is located in province? Sindh
31) When ch rehmat ali used NOW OR NEVER? 1933
32) kaleem Ullah is Title of which prophet? Hazrat Musa
33) An instrument that measures air pressure is called ? Barometer
34) Main cash crop of Pakistan? cotton
35) when first afro asian summit held in Bandung (indonasia)? 1955
36) If a man completes 50 pgs in 60 min then how many pages in 50 min?

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