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Here, you can study ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs all Lists and can also get their Pdf Download. The ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf are equally important for CSS, PMS and All Other competitive Exams. In KPPSC exams tests, there are even ten of such words MCQs. Therefore, for such students, it becomes the need of the hour to learn and revise these Words and their Substitutions. They will also be helpful for English vocabulary.


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Compulsory Sub MCQs

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download (1 to 100)

1A bicycle for two or more peopleTandem
2A body of persons appointed to hear evidence or judge and give their verdict (decision)Jury
3A brief or a short stay at a placeSojourn
4A broad road bordered with treesBoulevard
5A building in which aircraft are housedHanger
6A building where an audience sitsAuditorium
7A child born after death of his fatherPosthumous
8A collection of slavesCoffle
9A decorative ring of flowers and leavesWreath
10A den for small animalsHutch
11A disease that affects a large number of people in an area at the same timeEpidemic
12A disease which is spread by direct contactContagious
13A doctor who specializes in the eye diseases of the eyesOphthalmologist
14A doctor who treats childrenPaediatrician
15A dramatic performanceMasque
16A drawing on transparent paperTransparency
17A figure of speech by which a thing is spoken of as being that which it only resemblesSimile
18A fixed orbit in space in relation to earthGeo-stationary
19A former student of a school, college or universityAlumnus
20A four footed animalQuadruped
21A four-wheeled carriage for a baby, pushed by a person on footPram
22A game in which no one winsDraw
23A general pardon of offendersAmnesty
24A geometrical figure with eight sidesOctagon
25A government by officialsBureaucracy
26A group of girlsBevy
27A group of three powerful peopleTriumvirate
28A guide-post pointing out the way for a placefinger-post
29A heavy continuous fall of rainDownpour
30A humorous drawing dealing with current events or politicsCartoon
31A jocular person who is full of amusing anecdotesWag
32A large number of fish swimming togetherShoal
33A large sleeping-room with many bedsDormitory
34A light sailing boat built specially for racingYacht
35A list of books and writings of one author or one subjectBibliography
36A list of books available in a libraryCatalogue
37A list of passengers and luggageWaybill
38A low-area storm with high winds rotating about a centre of low atmospheric pressureCyclone
39A man having no hair on scalpBald
40A man of lax moralLicentious
41A man who does not know how to read or writeIlliterate
42A man who knows a lot about things like food, music and artConnoisseur
43A man who waste his money on luxuryExtravagant
44A man with abnormal habitsEccentric
45A medicine to nullify the effect of poisonAntidote
46A method which never failsInfallible
47A mild or indirect expression substituted for an offensive or harsh oneEuphemism
48A mournful poem or a songElegy
49A narrow stretch of land connecting two large bodies of landIsthmus
50A notice of a person’s deathObituary

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51A number of stars grouped togetherConstellation
52A paper written by handManuscript
53A part of a word that can be pronounced separatelySyllable
54A person coming to a foreign land to settle thereImmigrant
55A person devoted to sensual enjoyment, especially that derived from fine food and


56A person eighty years of ageOctogenarian
57A person in a vehicle or on horseback escorting another vehicleOutrider
58A person interested in collecting, studying and selling of old thingsAntiquarian
59A person interested in reading books and nothing elseBook-worm
60A person not sure of the existence of GodAgnostic
61A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning powerIntellectual
62A person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actionsCynic
63A person who breaks into houses in order to stealBurglar
64A person who brings goods illegally into the countrySmuggler
65A person who devotes his/her life for the welfare of othersAltruist
66A person who does not believe in any religionPagan
67A person who gambles or betsPunter
68A person who helps even a stranger in difficultySamaritan
69A person who insists on somethingStickler
70A person who is always hopeful and looks upon the brighter side of thingsOptimist
71A person who is fluent in two languagesBilingual
72A person who is greatly respected because of wisdomVenerable
73A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefsMartyr
74A person who is skilled in horsemanshipEquestrian
75A person who is unable to pay debtsInsolvent
76A person who is well known in an unfavourable wayNotorious
77A person who is working in the same institutionColleague
78A person who kills somebody especially for political reasonsAssassin
79A person who knows many foreign languagesLinguist
80A person who lives by himselfRecluse
81A person who loves mankindPhilanthropist
82A person who never takes alcoholic drinksTeetotaller
83A person who opposes war or use of military forcePacifist
84A person who pretends to be what he is notImposter
85A person who supports or speaks in favour of somethingAdvocate
86A person who thinks only about himself and not about others needsEgocentric
87A person who travels to a sacred place as an act of religious devotionPilgrim
88A person who tries to deceive people by claiming to be able to do wonderful thingsTrickster
89A person who writes decorativelyCalligrapher
90A person with a long experience of any occupationVeteran
91A person without training or experience in a skill or subjectNovice
92A person worship only one GodMonotheist
93A person’s peculiar habitIdiosyncrasy
94A picture of a person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner to cause a laughterCaricature
95A place of good climate for invalidsSanatorium
96A place of permanent residenceDomicile
97A place where all religions are honouredSecular
98A place where bees are keptApiary
99A place where birds are keptAviary
100A place where clothes are keptWardrobe

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download 2 (101 to 200)

101A place where government / public records are keptArchive
102A place where Jews worship according to their religionSynagogue
103A place where money is coinedMint
104A place where monks live as a secluded communityMonastery
105A pole or beam used as a temporary supportProp
106A political leader appealing to popular desires and prejudicesDemagogue
107A post with little work but high salarySinecure
108A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign armyMercenary
109A proficient public speakerOrator
110A religious discourseSermon
111A remedy for all diseasesPanacea
112A round or cylindrical container used for storing things such as food, chemicals or rolls of filmCanister
113A school for infants and young childrenKindergarten
114A sea abounding in islandsArchipelago
115A set of three related works by same authorTrilogy
116A short journey made by a group of persons togetherExcursion
117A short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of dramaEpilogue
118A short story based on your personal experienceAnecdote
119A short trip or excursionJaunt
120A sly look that is lustfulLeer
121A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc.Pen
122A small house with all rooms on one floorBungalow
123A small room in a big house, hotel, etc. where glasses, dishes, spoons food, etc. are keptPantry
124A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc.Boutique
125A song embodying religious and sacred emotionsHymn
126A speaker’s platformPodium
127A special fondness or liking forPropensity
128A specialist who tests eyesightOptometrist
129A speech designed to incite actionExhortation
130A strong dislikeAnimosity
131A study of sounds is known asPhonetics
132A style full of wordsVerbose
133A style in which a writer makes display of his knowledgePedantic
134A supplement to a willCodicil
135A system of Government in which only one political party is allowed to functionTotalitarianism
136A tank where fish or water plants are keptAquarium
137A test in which cells from diseased organs are removes and testedBiopsy
138A thing likely to be easily brokenBrittle
139A thrown object or a weapon capable of returning to throwerBoomerang
140A wall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an areaDyke
141A woman having more than one husband at the same timePolyandry
142A woman whose husband is deadWidow
143A woman with dark brown hairBrunette
144A word composed of the first letters of the words in a phraseAcronym
145A word which reads the same when read forward or backwardsPalindrome
146A word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of anotherAnagram
147A workman who fits and repairs pipesPlumber
148A writing or a speech in praise of someoneEulogy
149A written statement about someone’s character, usually provided by an employerTestimonial
150Able to use right hand and left hand equally wellAmbidextrous

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151Act of deceiving somebody in order to make moneyFraud
152Act of mercy killingEuthanasia
153Act of stealing in small quantitiesPilferages
154Action that is likely to make people very angryInflammatory
155All the arts, beliefs and social institutions etc, characteristics of a raceCivilization
156Always ready to attack or quarrelAggressive
157Amount of money demanded by kidnappersRansom
158An abandoned child of unknown parents who is found by somebodyFoundling
159An act of misappropriation of moneyEmbezzlement
160An allowance made to a wife by her husband, when they are legally separatedAlimony
161An animal which lives by preying on other animalsPredator
162An apartment building in which each apartment is owned separately by the people living in it, but also containing shared areasCondominium
163An area of land that is controlled by a rulerDominion
164An assembly of worshippersCongregation
165An emolument over and above fixed income or salaryPerquisite
166An established principle of practical wisdomMaxim
167An excessively morbid desire to stealKleptomania
168An expression of mild disapprovalReproof
169An extract from a book of writingExcerpt
170An object or portion serving as a sampleSpecimen
171An obviously true or hackneyed statementTruism
172An underhand device resorted to in order to justify misconductManoeuvre
173An unexpected piece of good fortuneWindfall
174Animal that can live on land and in waterAmphibians
175Animal that feeds on plantsHerbivorous
176Animals that eat fleshCarnivorous
177Animals that live in a particular regionFauna
178Animals which live in waterAquatic
179Animals who live in herdsGregarious
180Animals without backboneInvertebrates
181Anything written in a letter after it is signedPostscript
182Art of writing for newspapers and magazinesJournalism
183Be the embodiment or perfect example ofPersonify
184Belief or opinion contrary to what is generally acceptedHeresy
185Belief that God is in everything and that everything is GodPantheism
186Belonging to all parts of the worldCosmopolitan
187Belief that war and violence are unjustifiedPacifism
188Body of a human being or animal embalmed for burialMummy
189Call upon God or any other power (like law) for help or protectionInvocation
190Capable of being understood in either of two or more possible senses, and thus not definiteAmbiguous
191Chanting of magic spellsIncantation
192Chief of a group of workmenForeman
193Clues available at the sceneCircumstantial
194Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedenceProtocol
195Commencement of adjacent words with the same letterAlliteration
196Conferred as an honourHonorary
197Constant efforts to achieve somethingPerseverance
198Continuing fight between parties, families, clans, etc.Feud
199Deep in thoughtPensive
200Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on othersSadism

English ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-3 (201 to 300)

201Design made by putting together coloured pieces of glass or stonesMosaic
202Detailed plan of a journeyItinerary
203Detaining and confining someoneInternment
204Determine the nature of diseaseDiagnose
205Dissection of a dead body to find the cause of the deathAutopsy
206Doing something according to one’s own free willVoluntary
207Dry weather with no rainfallDrought
208Easily duped or fooledGullible
209Easy to shape in any desired fromMalleable
210Excessive preoccupation with one’s healthHypochondria
211Exclusive possession or control of anythingMonopoly
212Existing only in the mindImaginary
213Experts who scientifically study insectsEntomologists
214Extreme old age when a man behaves like a foolDotage
215Extreme or irrational fear of heightsAcrophobia
216Fear of being enclosed in small closed spaceClaustrophobia
217Fear of waterHydrophobia
218Feeling inside you which tells you what is right and what is wrongConscience
219Figure with many angles or sidesPolygon
220Fit to be eatenEdible
221Flat metal or Porcelain plate fixed on a wall as an ornament or memorialPlaque
222Fluent and clear in speechArticulate
223Food which agrees with one’s tastePlatable
224Full of criticism or mockerySatire
225General view of person’s characterProfile
226Give and receive mutuallyReciprocate
227Governed by a sense of dutyConscientious
228Government by ruler who has unlimited powerAutocracy
229Government by the fewOligarchy
230Government by wealthyPlutocracy
231Government of the people, by the people and for the peopleDemocracy
232Group of people living together in the same localityNeighbourhood
233Habitually silent or talking littleTaciturn
234Hater of learning and knowledgeMisologist
235Having a stale smell or tasteRancid
236Having juicy or fleshy and thick tissueSucculent
237Having superior or intellectual interests and tastesHighbrow
238In a state of tension or anxiety or suspenseOn tenterhooks
239In a threatening mannerGhastly
240Inability to sleepInsomnia
241Incapable of being approachedInaccessible
242Instrument that magnifies objectsMicroscope
243Instrument to measure atmospheric pressureBarometer
244Intense and unreasonable fear or dislikePhobia
245Interval between two eventsInterlude
246Lasting only for a momentMomentary
247Lasting only for a short whileTemporary
248Leave or remove from a place considered dangerousEvacuate
249Life history of a person written by anotherBiography
250Likely to arouse envy (jealousy)Enviable

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251List of issues to be discussed at a meetingAgenda
252Living together of a man and woman without being married to each other (live in relationship)Concubinage
253Long poem based on a noble themeEpic
254Loss of memoryAmnesia
255Man who is quite like a womanEffeminate
256Material that changes naturally by the action of bacteriaBiodegradable
257Meaningless language with an exaggerated style intended to impressRhetoric
258Medical study of skin and its diseasesDermatology
259Men living in the same ageContemporary
260Money paid to employees on retirementGratuity
261Motive or incitement to actionIncentive
262Murder of a brotherFratricide
263Murder of a manHomicide
264Murder of a new-born childInfanticide
265Not easily pleased by anythingFastidious
266Not to be moved by entreatyInexorable
267Of outstanding significanceMonumental
268Of very bad morals ; characterized by debasement or degenerationDepraved
269One absorbed in his own thoughts and feelings rather than on things outsideIntrovert
270One living on vegetablesVegetarian
271One not concerned with right or wrongAmoral
272One who believes in no government and therefore incites disorder in a stateAnarchist
273One who believes in offering equal opportunities to women in all spheresFeminist
274One who believes in that gaining pleasure is the most important thing in lifeHedonist
275One who believes that all things and events in life are predetermined is aFatalist
276One who can think about the future with imagination and wisdomVisionary
277One who can walk on ropes (tightrope walker)Funambulist
278One who caters to the low desires of othersPanderer
279One who collects coinsNumismatist
280One who compiles a dictionaryLexicographer
281One who deserts his principle or believesRenegade
282One who deserts his religionApostate
283One who destroys images or attacks popular beliefsIconoclast
284One who does not care for literature or artPhilistine
285One who does not follow the usual way of lifeBohemian
286One who does not marry, especially as a religious obligationCelibate
287One who eats both vegetables and meatOmnivorous
288One who eats human fleshCannibal
289One who enjoys inflicting pain on himselfMasochist
290One who finds nothing good in anythingCritic
291One who gains benefits from somethingBeneficiary
292One who gives free rein to his appetitesLibertine
293One who goes to settle in another countryEmigrant
294One who has become dependent on something or drugsAddict
295One who has narrow and prejudiced religious viewsFanatic
296One who has obstinate and narrow religious viewsBigot
297One who has suddenly gained new wealth, power or prestigeParvenu
298One who hates mankindMisanthrope
299One who hates womenMisogynist
300One who hides away on a ship to obtain a free passageStowaway

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION MCQs List Pdf Download-4 (301 to 400)

301One who is all powerfulOmnipotent
302One who is always doubtingSceptic
303One who is beyond reformsIncorrigible
304One who is converted from one religion to otherProselyte
305One who is fond of fightingBellicose
306One who is greedyVoracious
307One who is honourably discharged from serviceEmeritus
308One who is in charge of museumCurator
309One who is indifferent to pain and pleasureStoic
310One who is unable to pay one’s debtBankrupt
311One who journeys from place to placeItinerant
312One who knows everythingOmniscient
313One who knows many languagesPolyglot
314One who lends money at a very high interestUsurer
315One who loves booksBibliophile
316One who loves or supports his or her country and is willing to defend itPatriot
317One who offers his services of his own freewillVolunteer
318One who performs daring gymnastics featsAcrobat
319One who plays for pleasure rather than as a professionalAmateur
320One who practices one of fine artsArtist
321One who pretend to be what he is notHypocrite
322One who resides in a country of which he is not a citizenAlien
323One who secretly listens to talks of othersEavesdropper
324One who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow menCynic
325One who speaks for othersSpokesman
326One who stays away from school without permissionTruant
327One who studies election trend by means of opinion pollsPsephologist
328One who takes care of a buildingWarden
329One who thinks or speaks too much of himselfEgoist
330One who uses fear as a weapon of powerTerrorist
331One who walks in sleepSomnambulist
332One whose motive is merely to get moneyMercenary
333Opposed to great or sudden changeConservative
334Paper/ story/ poem first written out by handManuscript
335Part of a church in which bells hangBelfry
336Partner in crimeAccomplice
337Parts of a country behind the coast or a river bankHinterland
338Person believing in free willLibertarian
339Person leading a life of strict self-disciplineAscetic
340Person who believes that God is everything and everything is GodPantheist
341Person who eats too muchGlutton
342Person who files a suitPlaintiff
343Person who insists on adherence to formal rules or literary meaningPedant
344Pertaining to cattleBovine
345Place of burial (especially not in churchyard)Cemetery
346Place that provide refugeAsylum
347Place where wine is madeBrewery
348Placing a thing besides anotherJuxtapose
349Policeman riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIPOutriders
350Present opposing arguments or evidenceRebut
351Pretended attackFeint
352Prohibited by law or treaty from being imported or exportedContraband
353Property inherited from one’s father or ancestorsPatrimony
354Providing reliefReprieve
355Quibble (to avoid giving a direct answer to a question in order to hide the truth)Prevaricate
356Ready to believe anythingCredulous
357Rebellion against lawful authorityMutiny
358Regard for others as a principle of actionAltruism
359Related to moonLunar
360Relating to kinship with the fatherPatrilineal
361Relationship by blood or birthConsanguinity
362Release of a prisoner from jail on certain terms and conditionParole
363Rules governing socially acceptable behaviorEtiquette
364Scale used for measuring the strength of an earthquakeRichter
365Science of diseasesPathology
366Science of Human mind and behaviorPsychology
367Science of the races of mankindEthnology
368Science regarding principles of classificationTaxonomy
369Seeing something which is not actually presentHallucination
370Send or bring somebody back to his own countryRepatriate
371Sentimental longing for a period in a pastNostalgia
372Severely abusive writing in journalsScurrilous
373Shaking movement of the groundTremor
374Simple, fast-spreading plant without flowers or leaves, which can often cause diseaseFungus
375Small pieces of metal that fly out from an exploding bombShrapnel
376Soldiers who fight on horsebackCavalry
377Someone having many skillsVersatile
378Someone who is designated to hear both sides of a dispute and make a judgementArbitrator
379Someone who scientifically studies the birdsOrnithologist
380Something capable of being doneFeasible
381Something kept as a reminder of an eventSouvenir
382Something no longer in useObsolete
383Something that can be heardAudible
384Something that cannot be explainedInexplicable
385Something that causes deathFatal
386Something that is difficult to believeIncredible
387Something that is poisonous and unhealthyToxic
388Something that might happen in the futureContingency
389Something which is imagined to be real but actually does not existFigment
390Something which is not thorough or profoundSuperficial
391Special trial of the Head of State by ParliamentImpeachment
392Speed of an object in one directionVelocity
393Spoken or done without preparationExtempore
394State of anxiety or dismay causing mental confusionConsternation
395Stealthily done (something done in a quiet and secret way in order to avoid being noticed)Surreptitious
396Strong concentrated black coffee made under steam pressureEspresso
397Strong dislikes between two personsAntipathy
398Study of cavesSpeleology
399Study of mankindAnthropology
400Study of the nature of GodsTheology

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION list set-5 (401 to 500)

401Succession of rulers belonging to one familyDynasty
402Take great pleasureRevel
403Tending to move away from the centre or axisCentrifugal
404That which can be believedCredible
405That which cannot be avoidedInevitable
406That which cannot be called backIrrevocable
407That which cannot be defeatedInvincible
408That which cannot be easily readIllegible
409That which is perceptible by touch isTangible
410That which is without oppositionUnanimous
411That which lasts for a short timeTransitory
412The absence of law and orderAnarchy
413The act of killing a kingRegicide
414The act of killing one’s wifeUxoricide
415The act of killing whole group of people, especially a whole raceGenocide
416The act of speaking about one’s thoughts when one is aloneSoliloquy
417The action of looking within or into one’s own mindIntrospect
418The art of delayingProcrastination
419The art of making maps and chartsCartography
420The art of preserving skin of animals, birds and fishTaxidermy
421The branch of medical science which deals with the problems of the oldGeriatrics
422The conference that takes place once in three yearTriennial
423The doctrine that human souls pass from one body to another at the time of deathTransmigration
424The essential or characteristic customs , habits and conventions of a society or communityMores
425The firing of many guns at the same time to mark an occasionFusillade
426The first model of a new devicePrototype
427The first public speech delivered by a personMaiden speech
428The first speech made by a personMaiden
429The height of object above sea levelAltitude
430The line where the land and sky seems to meetHorizon
431The murder of parents or near relativeParricide
432The part of government which is concerned with making of rulesLegislature
433The plant and vegetation of a regionFlora
434The policy of extending a country’s empire and influenceImperialism
435The practice of having many wivesPolygamy
436The practice of submitting a proposal to popular voteReferendum
437The practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good foodGastronomy
438The process by which a person or an organization reduces the amount of money it spendsBudgeting
439The process by which plants and animals breatheRespiration
440The process of deciding the nature of disease by examinationDiagnosis
441The production of raw silkSericulture
442The quality of being politely firm and demandingAssertive
443The scientific study of electionsPsephology
444The study of ancient civilizationArchaeology
445The study of birdsOrnithology
446The study of plant lifeBotany
447The study of religion and religious ideas and beliefsTheology
448The study of the origin and history of wordsEtymology
449The study of worms and insectsEntomology
450The study or collection of coinsNumismatics
451The study or practice of dancing or composing balletsChoreography
452The use of many words where only a few are necessaryCircumlocution
453The worship of idols or imagesIdolatry
454Theft of another person’s writings or ideas and passing them off as one’s ownPlagiarism
455Thing that can be felt or touchedPalpable
456Those who do malicious damageSaboteurs
457Through which light cannot passOpaque
458To accustom oneself to a foreign climateAcclimatise
459To bite like a ratGnaw
460To cause troops etc. to spread out in readiness for battleDeploy
461To confirm with the help of evidenceCorroborate
462To cut something into two piecesSever
463To destroy completelyAnnihilate
464To die without having made a willIntestate
465To examine one’s own thoughts and feelingsIntrospection
466To free completely from blameExonerate
467To have a very high opinion about oneselfConceited
468To injure one’s reputationDefame
469To look at someone in an angry or threatening wayGlower
470To mediate between two parties in a disputeIntercede
471To officially take private property away to seizeConfiscate
472To play the part of and function as, some other personImpersonate
473To reduce to nothingNull
474To remove an objectionable part from a bookExpurgate
475To renounce a high position of authority or controlAbdicate
476To secretly store more than what is allowedHoard
477To seize control of a vehicle in order to force it to go to a new destination or demand somethingHijack
478To slap with a flat objectSwat
479To struggle helplesslyFlounder
480To supply land with water by artificial meansIrrigate
481To take back, withdraw or renounceRecant
482To walk with slow or regular Steps is toPace
483To write under a different namePseudonym
484Too much official formalityRed-tapism
485Tough tissues in jointsLigaments
486Trouble and annoy continuallyHarass
487Unfair advantages for members of one’s own familyNepotism
488Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to somethingCoercion
489Very dramaticHistrionic
490Very pleasing to eatPalatable
491Violation of something holy and sacredSacrilege
492Wild and noisy disorderPandemonium
493With much liveliness and a sense of purposeJauntily
494Without risk of punishmentImpunity
495Word that reads the same as backward or forwardPalindrome
496Words inscribed on a tombEpitaph
497Words uttered impiously about GodBlasphemy
498Write or carve words on stone or paperInscribe
499Written law of a legislative bodyStatute
500Yearly celebration of a date or an eventAnniversary

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION list set-6 (501 to 600)

501Ridiculous use of wordsMalapropism
502Speech or writing in a form that is no longer in general use nowArchaic
503A song sung at burialDirge
504Something which can be taken for grantedPostulate
505That which cannot be understoodUnintelligible
506A short walk for pleasure or exerciseStroll
507One who is bad in spellingCacographist
508The form of madness which gives a person the idea that his importance is very greatMegalomania
509The strong and unreasonable belief that your own country or race is the bestChauvinism
510A ride on someone else’s back or shouldersPiggyback
511That which cannot be rectified or make goodIrreparable
512That which is extremely important and necessaryIndispensable
513To twist or move part of your body, with small, quick movementsWriggle
514Transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthoodAdolescence
515A verse letterEpistle
516A person who betrays someone or somethingTraitor
517A public declaration of policy and aims, issued before an election by a political partyManifesto
518Word for word reproductionVerbatim
519A tube containing mirrors and pieces of coloured glass or paper, whose reflections produce

changing patterns when the tube is rotated

520A person who studies the formation of the earthGeologist
521A person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey themSlave
522Impossible to harm, damage, or defeatInvulnerable
523A small kitchen or room at the back of a house used for washing dishesScullery
524Land so surrounded by water as to be almost an islandPeninsula
525A person who accompanies and looks after another person or group of peopleChaperon
526Deviation or departure from common rule or standardAnomaly
527A book or picture produced merely to bring in moneyPot-boiler
528To surround with armed forcesBesiege
529Explicit understanding to do somethingPromise
530Room with toilet facilitiesLavatory
531A person who is talkativeGarrulous
532A statement which cannot be understoodIncomprehensible
533An alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanationsGlossary
534A person who settles a dispute or has ultimate authority in a matterArbiter
535Irrational fear of crowdsOchlophobia
536To remove the skin of a potato or an orangePeel
537A tumour which is not likely to spreadBenign
538Run away from home with loverElope
539That which can be carriedPortable
540People in a riot causing trouble or violenceMob
541To congratulate someone in a formal mannerFelicitate
542One who talks continuouslyLoquacious
543The natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organismHabitat
544A book containing an alphabetical index of the names and addresses of persons in a city,

district, organization, etc

545A rough and bad-mannered personBoor
546Place which provides both boarding and lodgingInn
547A person from the countryside who is considered to be awkward and stupidBumpkin
548Having both male and female organsHermaphrodite
549A person who sneaks into a countryInfiltrator
550One who is reckless and wasteful with his moneySpendthrift
551Emission of light or heat from a central pointRadiation
552Government by a kingMonarchy
553A room where dead are kept until burialMortuary
554The ceremony of crowning a sovereignCoronation
555Act of making things new like beforeRenovate
556No longer a child, but not yet an adultAdolescent
557Proposition made as a basis for reasoning without the assumption of its truth/ factsHypothesis
558A place where animals are slaughteredAbattoir
559A state of emotional or intellectual separationAlienation
560That which makes one highly knowledgeableErudition
561A drug which makes one see things that are not really thereHallucinogen
562A shady fertile place in a desertOasis
563The act of setting free from bondage of any kindEmancipation
564Shine with a bright but brief or irregular lightFlicker
565Hard working and diligentSedulous
566A narrow stretch of land connecting two large bodies of landIsthmus
567Pertaining to the westOccidental
568An unimportant personNonentity
569Committing murder in revengeVendetta
570To make atonement to one’s sinsExpiate
571Falsification of documents etc.Forgery
572A person who has lost protection of lawOutlaw
573Killing one’s sisterSororicide
574A place where astronomical observations are madeObservatory
575Regular user of places/restaurant etc.Clientele
576A place where soldiers liveBarracks
577Of the highest degreeSuperlative
578A piece of shelter for shipsHarbour
579One who sets type for books, newspapers, etc.Compositor
580Solemn religious actsRites
581A large body of people playing musical instrumentsOrchestra
582Obsession with booksBibliomania
583A brave, noble – minded or chivalrous manGallant
584A rough, violent, troublesome personTartar
585The branch of philosophy concerned with the study of principles of beauty, especially in artAesthetics
586Drug which cause people to sleep earlySoporific
587Stick with a thick end used in mortar for poundingPestle
588Lack of skillsIneptness
589Someone who is incapable of being quietened or pacifiedImplacable
590Suitable or intended only for young personsJuvenile
591The first public performance of musical or theatrical work or the first showing of a filmPremiere
592Submission to all that happens as inevitableFatalism
593A legal agreement that allows someone to use a building or land for a period of timeLease
594Art of working with metalsMetallurgy
595Someone not fit to be chosenIneligible
596A cinema show held in the afternoonMatinee
597A handsome manAdonis
598Intentional damage to arrest productionSabotage
599Introductory part or lines to discourse or playPrologue
600Too willing to obey other peopleSubservient


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