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Percentage MCQs are very important for CSS, PMS & All Other Competitive Exams. Almost, every testing agency asks many questions in their MCQs test from the portion of Percentage. Therefore, one should practice a lot the questions of Mathematics different parts, Aptitude questions and that of percentage questions.

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Mathematics MCQs by CSS MCQs

Important Questions of Percentage

Here, some important percentage questions are given with their solutions

What is 2% of 400?

A. 40
B. 15
C. 8
D. 12

Tax Inspector-16

What is 3.4% in fraction?

A. 34/10
B. 34/100
C. 34/1000
D. 340/100

Tax Inspector-18 (Lhr)

If 70% of students in a school are boys and the number of girls is 504, the number of boys is:

A. 1630
B. 1176
C. 1276
D. None of these

Labour Officer-16

30% of 100 is equal to 3% of:

A. 300
B. 500
C. 750
D. 1000

Tax Inspector-18 (Fsd)

If 30% of a number is 12.6. Find the number.

A. 45
B. 38
C. 40
D. 42

Tax Inspector-18 (Fsd)

18 is 75% of which value?

A. 34
B. 24
C. 22
D. 20

Asst. AH-18

Adil’s daily wage is Rs. 250 after increment of 25%. What was his daily wage before the increment.

A. Rs. 150
B. Rs. 200
C. Rs. 180
D. None of these

AD Labour Welfare-17

A number is increased by 20% and then decreased by 20%, the final value of the number

A. Does not change
B. Decreased by 2%
C. Increased by 4%
D. Decreased by 4%

Labour Officer-16/SI PCD-17

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