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PPSC English Tehsildar 2021 Solved paper MCQs

Here, you will today (7-11-2021) PPSC English Tehsildar Solved paper MCQs. You can add the rest of punjab public services commission (PPSC) tehsildar paper Mcqs in the comment box below.

Solved MCQs of Punjab English Tehsildar 2021

1 Try on…kapry pehn k check kerna
2 Every cloud has a ….silver lining
3 Familiarity breeds…..
4 Obstreperous
5 Mephitic
6 To throw up sponge
7 Null and void… کالعدم
8 Evil…مذموم
9 Flustered
10 Toss:Hurl Analogy
11 Aboriginal antonym- Modern,
12Every cloud has…. a silver lining
13A wolf in the ….sheeps clothing
14Child after father’s death…posthumous
15Out of the frying pan…into the fire
16Jeer at….mazak urrana
17Spick and span idiom… Neat n clean
18A post for which no salary is paid….
19Fear of heights….
20Caesarean meaning…surgical operation
21Ranjish رنجش ki english
24Persistently…fill in blanks
26To be rolling in the money…v rich
27Tremendous spelling
28 Manoeuvre spelling
29 Burry the hatchet….
30 Hangami halat English …emergency
31To bury the hatch
33A wolf in black sheep cloths
37Wheedle :Deceive
38I called him a fool
39 tussle dheenga mushti
40To cut sorry figure
42 An elderly couple was walking hand in hand on a/the beach?
42Out of Frying pan….into fire kia tha is ka
43 Tahir is having the mechanic fix his car
44Not interested, funny etc present or found everywhere
45Once her duty
46Posthumous child. (Baby born after death of father or mother.)
47cold feet
48 Wearisome syn tiring antonym
49 ignominous ( زلت آمیز )
50 economise (save money)
51 bellicose (warlike)
52nWheedle synonym
53nWearsome synonyms
54 Malhooz e khatir rakhna ( take into account )
55Faroog mean ( develop )
56Called ….. the company
58Either you and I. …. Has have etc
59 To be rolling … Very rich
60mPlague… Broke out
61Speak as i tell you. Direct indirect
62Assigned …… My regiment …. With, by etc
63 Recovered. Gradually etc
64Dhenga mushti meaning
65 Scapegoat
66Wheedle meaning
67The key was left by the driver. Active passive
68Toss hurl analogies
69 Transience
70Manacle : malefactor
71…… On the loudspeaker
72Every cloud ….. ( Silver lining )
73All are not saint that goes to church. ( Baghal mein chura )
74Azmat goes to English difficult ….. He speaks english.
75Familaraty breed
76My brpther ispilot. Direct indirect
77Badshahi mosque is the mosque in Lahore. Captalization

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PPSC English Tehsildar 2021 Solved paper MCQs

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