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Special CSS MPT 2023 Solved Past MCQs |
FPSC CSS Special Screening Test Original Morning Batch-I Paper

Welcome to our esteemed CSSMCQs platform, here you will find an exclusive compilation of Special CSS 2023 MPT Solved MCQs. We proudly present the meticulously curated FPSC CSS Screening 2023 Test Original Paper MCQs, which were administered by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) on the distinguished date of May 21, 2023, at 9 am. These thoughtfully crafted MCQs reflect the essence of the Special CSS MPT 2023 Questions paper that was administered during the FPSC CSS Screening 2023 Test. We firmly believe that this invaluable resource will greatly benefit your academic pursuits and foster a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

In addition, we offer a convenient PDF download option for the CSS Screening Test 2023, complete with comprehensive answer keys, available for your perusal at the end and midway through this page. It is worth noting that for serious CSS aspirants, we recommend practising these CSS Special MPT 2023 Screening Test Original Paper MCQs without referring to the answers. This exercise will enable you to gauge your preparedness and ascertain whether you are poised to achieve a minimum of 50% marks.

Embrace this unparalleled opportunity to enhance your knowledge and elevate your performance in the upcoming CSS examination. Your dedication and commitment to mastering these MCQs will undoubtedly yield fruitful results on your path to success.
NOTE: As some of the questions are not cleared, therefore, we have excluded those MCQs.

CSS Special 2023 MPT Screening Test MCQs | Batch-I (Morning)

1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) belongs to the tribe:

A. Quresh
B. Khamaj
C. Makki
D. Ummavi

2. Which Prophet has the title of Khateeb-ul-Anbiya?

A. Hazrat Dawood (A.S)
B. Hazrat Noah (A.S)
C. Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S)
D. Hazrat Shoaib (A.S)

3. Al-Hudaibiyah treaty was signed by?

A. Hazrat Abu-Bakr (A.S)
B. Hazrat Umar (A.S)
C. Hazrat Usman (A.S)
D. Hazrat Ali Al-Murtaza (A.S)

4. The Ghazwa of Yarmuk was fought between the Muslims and ___?

A. Romans
B. Jews
C. Persians
D. None of these

5. Who compiled the first work of Hadith “Sahifa-e-Alsadiqa”?

A. Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)
B. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Amr (R.A)
C. Hazrat Abu Hunain (R.A)
D. Imam Bukhari (R.A)

6. Who advised Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) to compile the Holy Quran?

A. Hazrat Umar (A.S)
B. Hazrat Usman (A.S)
C. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
D. Hazrat Zaid Bin Sabit (A.S)

7. The phrase “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah” is stated in which surah of the holy Quran?

A. Surah Yaseen
B. Surah Muhammad
C. Surah Rehman
D. Surah Fatiha

8. In what year did “Bait-e-Rizwan” take place?

A. 5 AH
B. 6 AH
C. 7 AH
D. 8 AH

9. Which night has been regarded as better than one-thousand nights in the Holy Quran?

A. Night of Miraj
B. Night of Eid-ul-Fitr
C. Night of Qadar
D. Night Barat

10. The Ottoman Empire was based for ___ Centuries.

A. Six
B. Seven
C. Eight
D. None of these

11. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stayed at Hazrat Ayub Ansari’s house for ___ months.

A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 12

12. Hazrat Haleema looked after the Holy Prophet for ___years?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 6

13. Maliki Fiqh was introduced in Spain in the region of:

A. Hashim
B. Abdul Rehman
C. Ibn-e-Ishaq
D. Yazid

14. At the time of His last Hajj, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) addressed ___ Muslims at Arafat.

A. 200,000
B. 140,000
C. 150,000
D. None of these

15. Jizya was imposed in the Islamic State by the Prophet of Islam in ___ year A.H?

A. 9
B. 7
C. 11
D. None of these

16. According to the Quran there are ___ heads where Zakat can be spent.

A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. None of these

17. Lady Haleema (R.A) was the foster mother of the Prophet (PBUH) who belonged to:

A. Banu Saad
B. Banu Adi
C. Banu Taym
D. None of these

18. In the beginning of Madinan life, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stayed in the settlement of?

A. Banu Saad
B. Banu Aws
C. Banu Nuzair
D. None of these

19. At the time of the conquest of Makkah, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was accompanied by ___ companions.

A. 10,000
B. 15000
C. 20,000
D. None of these

Fill in the Blanks and Corrections

46. ____ Woman that we saw turned out to be our CEO.

A. A
B. The
C. That
D. An

47. When the meeting had finished, they went ____ the Plan once again.

A. Down
B. On
D. Over

48. We have been able to obtain no information ____ his whereabouts.

A. That of
B. According to
C. In Which
D. As to

49. I didn’t know whether you had to have of these or not, if you ____ one, however, I would have given it to you freely.

A. Had to Have
B. Had had to have
C. Had to Had
D. Have to had

50. Some compound adjectives contain hyphens. Which of the following sentences is correct?

A. He’s a decent-judge of Character
B. She submitted a 190-page document supporting her position
C. We’re adopting a two year old parakeet
D. We’re reading Sanskrit dialect

51. Do you ___ go to sleep early, is it insomnia?

A. Ever
B. Sometime
C. Never
D. Every time

Select the Synonyms of the Following

53. Obdurate:

A. Trustable
B. Malleable
C. Amenable
D. None of these

54. Pejoratives:

A. Laux
B. Complementary
C. Approbatory
D. Deprecatory

55. Circumstantial

A. Surplus
B. Evidential
C. Trivial
D. Versatile

Choose the Synonym of Underlined word

56. She showed a blatant disadvantage to the rules.

A. Obvious
B. Hidden
C. Last-minute
D. Rebellious

57. As soon as the details of the election were released to the media, the newspaper was inundated with calls far too many to be handled effectively.

A. Provided
B. Bothered
C. Reminded
D. Flooded

Select Antonyms of the following

58. Cajole:

A. Wheedle
B. Cans
C. Badly
D. Dissuade

59. Ephemeral:

A. Fleeting
B. Permanent
C. Transitory
D. Momentary

60. Flagrant:

A. Overt
B. Trifling
C. Evident
D. None of these

61. Quixotic:

A. Impulsive
B. Pragmatic
C. Dreamy
D. Profligate

63. Dependable: Capricious

A. Fallible : Cantankerous
B. Capable : Inept
C. Malleable : Inept
D. Incorrigible : Guilty

64. True health and true success go together for they are inseparably ___ in the realm or thought.

A. Intertwined
B. Bound Up
C. Tied UP
D. Inter-related

65. His mural decadence was marked by his ____ from the ways of integrity and honesty.

A. Obsession
B. Declivity
C. Opprobrium
D. Departure

66. The ___ arguments put forth for not disclosing the facts did not impress anybody.

A. Convincing
B. Specious
C. Spurious
D. Intemperate

67. The children were ___ by the seemingly nonsensical clues until Kinan pointed out that the messages were in code.

A. Censured
B. Pondered
C. Feigned
D. Perplexed

68. For a ____ fee, it is possible to upgrade from regular gasoline to premium.

A. Nominal
B. Substantive
C. Exorbitant
D. Bountiful

69. It is difficult in believe that charging 20% on an outstanding credit card balance isn’t ____?

A. Bankruptcy
B. Usury
C. Expensive
D. Taxation

70. Which of the following is an example of the Infinite verb form?

A. Running
B. Runs
C. Run
D. Ran

71. Which of the following sentence is grammatically correct?

A. I and my Friends went to the Movie.
B. My Friends and I went to the Movie.
C. I and My Friends went to the Movie.
D. My Friends and me went to the Movie

72. Which of the following is an example of a subordinate clause?

A. I like Pizza
B. Because I like Pizza
C. Pizza is my Favorite Pizza
D. I Ate Pizza for dinner

73. Which sentence uses the subjunctive mood correctly?

A. If I was you, I would Study more.
B. If I were you, I would Study more.
C. If he was here, He would help us.
D. If he were here, he would help us

74. Which sentence uses the correct tense?

A. I have been reading this book since two hours
B. I had read that book last week
C. I will have finished my homework by 7 Pm
D. I was reading the book when the phone rang.

75. Which sentence uses the correct adjectives form?

A. The movie was more scarier than I expected
B. The movie was scarier than I expected
C. The movie was scare than I expected
D. The movie was scary than I expected

76. The presence of armed guards at the building entrance ___ us from doing anything disruptive.

A. Defeated
B. Excited
C. Prevented
D. Prohibited

77. ‘Argus eyed’ mean:

A. Watchful
B. Devoted
C. Lethargic
D. Clumsy

78. Perfect or highly accomplished means?

A. Impropriety
B. Sinister
C. Consummate 
D. None of these

Detail about Mcqs+

79. Dearth means:

A. Scarcity
B. To punish or Criticize severely
C. To cause, produce, or stir up
D. Habitually fond of associating in a company or herd

80. Fastidious means:

A. A person hard to please
B. A person hard to convince
C. A person hard to get angry
D. A person hard to get essential

81. Choose the correct Sentence:

A. All that is glitters is not gold
B. All that is glittering is not gold
C. All that glitters is not gold
D. All which glitters is not gold

82. Choose the correct sentence:

A. No less than twelve minutes left the hosted
B. No fewer than twelve minutes left hosted
C. No lesser than twelve minutes left the hosted
D. None of these

83. Choose the correct Sentence:

A. He found the gold coins as he cleans the floor
B. He found the gold coins while cleaning the floor
C. He found the gold coins while he cleaning the floor
D. None of these

84. Although they are 250 miles apart, they keep in constant contact on the internet. Is this a?

A. Simple Sentence
B. Compound Sentence
C. Complex Sentence
D. Compound Complex Sentence

85. I know both of them are short ____ money because of their extravagant nature.

A. On
B. Of
C. In
D. With

86. He writes ___ red ink

A. With
B. In
C. Of
D. By

87. He was accused ___theft.

A. Of
B. In
C. With
D. None of these

88. Do not jeer ____ sacred things.

A. With
B. Upon
C. At
D. None of these

89. He is so dull that he is insensible ___ the beauties of nature.

A. For
B. To
C. Of
D. With

91. The thickness of one sheet of paper is 5 x 10-2 mm. What is the thickness of book having 400 sheets of paper?

A. 2 cm
B. 20 cm
C. 200 mm
D. None of these

92. Saba and Nida do their assignment together. The ratio of time taken by Saba to Nida is 6:5. If Saba takes 90 minutes to complete the assignment then how much time does Nida require?

A. 75 Minutes
B. 96 Minutes
C. 108 Minutes
D. None of these

62. How many combinations of two-digit numbers having 6 can be formed from the following numbers? 6,7,5,1,3,8

A. 6
B. 10
C. 11
D. None of these

126. Find the number which does not fit in the series: 10,25,45,54,60,75,85?

A. 45
B. 54
C. 75
D. None of these

64. A new number is added in a series of numbers: 3,4,4,5,6,8 such that the average of the series does not change. What is the new number?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. None of these

65. Writing 0.0000738 in the standard form we get:

A. 7.38 x 107
B. 7.38 x 10-5
C. 7.38 x 107
D. None of these

66. The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 24 cm. What is the length of one side of the triangle?

A. 12 cm
B. 6 cm
C. 80 mm
D. None of these

67. The exterior angle of a triangle is 80° and the interior opposite angles are in the ratio 1:3, the interior angles measure to be:

A. 30°, 90°
B. 25°, 75°
C. 20°, 60°
D. None of these

68. A watchmaker had some watches. He sold 40 percent of his watches and still has 420 watches left. How many did he have to begin with?

A. 672
B. 700
C. 1050
D. None of these

69. Six years ago, the ratio of the ages of Ali and Babar was 6 : 5. Four years from now, the ratio of their ages will be 11 : 10. What is Babar’s age at present?

A. 16 Years
B. 18 Years
C. 20 Years
D. None of these

70. A Sum of money at simple interest amount to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs.854 in 4 years. The sum is?

A. 641
B. 698
C. 737
D. None of these

71. A number is doubled and 9 is added. If the resultant is trebled, it becomes 75. What is that number?

A. 33
B. 17
C. 8
D. None of these

72. The number 8 is to 44 as 5 is to?

A. 105
B. 28
C. 41
D. None of these

73. Saleem walks 5m towards west, take a right turn and walks 5 m again. He then takes another right turn and walks 20m. He then takes a final right turn and walks 5 m before stopping. How far is he from the starting point?

A. 20 m
B. 15m
C. 25m
D. None of these

74. A,B,C,D and E each have different amount of money. C has more money than only E; B has more money than D but less than A, who among them has the highest amount of money?

A. A
B. B
C. D
D. None of these

75. A,P,R,X,S and Z are sitting in a row, S and Z are in the center, A and P are at the ends. R is sitting to the left of A. Who is to the right of P?

A. A
B. X
C. S
D. None of these

76. Select the pair that has a different relationship when compared to the rest of pairs?

A. Blue : Red
B. Left : Right
C. Cold : Hot
D. Up : Down

77. The difference of the two integers is 36. The smaller integer is 60% smaller than the larger integer. What is the sum of the two?

A. 54
B. 60
C. 21
D. None of these

Solution of the MCQs+

  1. The average of 5 children born at the intervals of 2 years is 18 years. What is the age of the youngest child?

A. 12
B. 13
C. 14
D. None of these

123. A jug of juice contains 2 litres of a mixture of apple juice and orange juice in a ratio 3:5. We take out 400 ml of juice from the jug, How much more apple juice needs to be added so that the ration becomes 7:5?

A. 800 ml
B. 1000 ml
C. 2000 ml
D. None of these

124. A family of a man and his wife have two daughters and three sons with their wives living together. Each of the sons has three sons and one daughter. How many female members are there in the family?

A. 8
B. 7
C. 9
D. None of these

147. If BAT is coded as 283, CAT is coded as 383 and ARE is coded as 801, then the code for BETTER is?

A. 213303
B. 213310
C. 123301
D. 012331

151. The term Light year refers to:

A. Time that earth takes to complete one revolution around the Sun
B. Distance of earth from the sun at which intensity of light is maximum
C. Speed of light expressed in miles per year
D. None of these

152. Why does the sky appear blue?

A. Due to scattering of light from atmosphere
B. Due to color of cans in the atmosphere
C. Due to the reflection from Earth’s Surface
D. None of these

153. The extraction of metal from the ore is done by “Smelting” which involves:

A. Heating and Chemical Reduction
B. Heating and Oxidation
C. Heating and Electrolysis
D. None of these

154. The hardness of a hammer made of aluminium is due to the presence of:

A. Ionic Bond
B. Covalent Bond
C. Metallic Bond
D. None of these

155. In which layer of the atmosphere is most of the clouds formed?

A. Mesosphere
B. Troposphere
C. Stratosphere
D. None of these

156. Biosphere is defined as:

A. Part of the earth, water and atmosphere inhabited by living organisms
B. Part of Soil inhabited by animals and Plants
C. Atmosphere in which life exists
D. None of these

157. Malaria, Polio, Dengue fever and influenza are examples of:

A. Deficiency Diseases
B. Infectious Diseases
C. Physiological Diseases
D. None of these

158. The protocol which assigns IP addresses to the client connected to the internet is:

A. Transmission Control Protocol
B. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
C. User Datagram Protocol
D. None of these

159. In terms of Wi-Fi data throughput, the fastest transfer speeds are offered by the following Wi-Fi standards in?

A. 802.11a
B. 802.22g
C. 802.11n
D. None of these

160. What information about an earthquake defines its size?

A. Magnitude
B. Depth of the Epicenter
C. Energy Released
D. All of these

164. The fluid most of the blood is known as?

A. Blood Cell
B. Platelets
C. Plasma
D. None of these

167. World Religion Day 2021 was celebrated on ___ January:

A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. None of these

168. South Sudan Independence Referendum was held in?

A. 2011
B. 2012
C. 2013
D. None of these

169. There are ____ members in NATO?

A. 26
B. 27
C. 28
D. None of these

170. The former secretary General of the UN Mr Kofi Annan belonged to?

A. Ghana
B. Kenya
C. Nigeria
D. None of these

171. ____ doesn’t support any aquatic life:

A. Red Sea
B. Caspian Sea
C. Dead Sea
D. None of these

172. ____ is the Afghan Foreign Minister:

A. Abdul Ghani
B. Mullah Yaqoob
C. Amir Khan Muttaqi
D. None of these

174. World Environment Day is celebrated each year on ____ June?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. None of these

175. The Falkland Islands are located near:

A. Australia
B. Argentina
D. None of these

176. Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline is called as?

A. Peace Pipeline
B. Friends Pipeline
C. Great Pipeline
D. None of these

177. Lapis Lazuli Corridor links Afghanistan in?

A. Iran
B. Turkey
C. Russia
D. None of these

178. The 2023 Olympics will be held in:

A. Germany
B. Belgium
C. Portugal
D. None of these

179. NAFTA Stands for:

A. North African Free Trade Agreement
B. North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement
C. North American Free Trade Agreement
D. None of these

180. The ___ is the world’s largest island body of water.

A. Caspian Sea
B. California Sea
C. Bering Sea
D. None of these

181. The UN Sustainable Development Goals intended to be achieved by?

A. 2030
B. 2035
C. 2040
D. None of these

182. Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in?

A. 2012
B. 2013
C. 2014
D. None of these

183. Pakistan became a permanent member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in?

A. 2016
B. 2017
C. 2018
D. None of these

184. The state of swat Integrated into Pakistan in?

A. 1968
B. 1969
C. 1970
D. None of these

185. Pakistan has been a member of the World Trade Organization since?

A. 1995
B. 1996
C. 1997
D. None of these

186. Pakistan released Afghan Taliban Leader ____ in 2018

A. Mullah Haibatullah
B. Mullah Baradar
C. Mullah Mansoor
D. None of these

187. Pervez Musharraf had given ___ Point formula for Kashmir’s solution?

A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. None of these

188. Constitutionally, Gilgit Baltistan has a ___ state.

A. Provincial
B. Semi-Provincial
C. State
D. None of these

189. NESCOM of Pakistan stands for?

A. National Engineering and Scientific Commission
B. National Engineering and Statistical Commission
C. National Engineering and Space Commission
D. None of these

190. Pakistan is a member of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) since?

A. 2002
B. 2003
C. 2004
D. None of these

191. Pakistan started Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad in ___ 2017.

A. February
B. March
C. April
D. None of these

192. ____ Constitutional amendment created military courts in Pakistan?

A. 21st
B. 22nd
C. 23rd
D. None of these

193. The Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) was signed in?

A. 2008
B. 2009
C. 2010
D. None of these

194. “Zamindar” Newspaper’s founding editor was?

A. Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar
B. Moulana Skandar Ali
C. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
D. None of these

195. Pakistan is a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NTP) since?

A. 1977
B. 1978
C. 1979
D. None of these

196. West Pakistan lead Reforms Regulation passed in?

A. 1959
B. 1960
C. 1961
D. None of these

197. The Pak-Afghan border “Durand line was signed in?

A. 1893
B. 1894
C. 1895
D. None of these

198. Pakistan won ___ Gold Medals at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. None of these

199. ECOWAS in a union of States in?

A. Latin America
B. Africa
C. East Aus
D. None of these

200. The Indus Waters Treaty between Pakistan and India was mediated by the?

B. World Bank
C. United States
D. None of these

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