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What is the plural form of the word “Sheep”?

A. Sheeps
B. Sheepes
C. Sheep
D. Sheeple

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Correct Answer: C (Sheep)


“Sheep” is an irregular noun, which means it does not follow the regular rules for pluralization. The plural form of the word “Sheep” is also “Sheep”. For example, you can say, “I saw five sheep in the field.”
The word “Sheeps” is an incorrect plural form and should be avoided. The word “Sheepes” is also incorrect and does not follow any rules of the English language. The word “Sheeple” is a made-up word and does not have any connection to the plural form of the word “Sheep”.

Pluralizing Irregular Nouns

In English, most nouns form their plural by adding “-s” or “-es” to the end of the word. However, there are some nouns that do not follow this rule and have irregular plural forms. Examples of irregular nouns include “Sheep”, “Fish”, “Deer”, and “Moose”.
To form the plural of irregular nouns, you need to memorize the plural form as it does not follow any regular pattern. Some irregular nouns have the same singular and plural form, like “Sheep” and “Fish”. Others, like “Deer” and “Moose”, have the same singular and plural form but can be preceded by a number to indicate quantity, such as “two deer” or “three moose”.

List of 25 Irregular Nouns and Their Plural Forms

Irregular Noun Plural Form
Sheep Sheep
Fish Fish
Deer Deer
Moosen (informal) Mooses
Mouse Mice
Goose Geese
Man Men
Woman Women
Child Children
Foot Feet
Person People
Tooth Teeth
Leaf Leaves
Crises Crisis
Analysis Analyses
Criterion Criteria
Syllabus Syllabi
Radius Radii
Medium Media
Index Indices
Octopus Octopuses or Octopi
Cactus Cacti or Cactuses
Virus Viruses or Viri
Bacterium Bacteria
Spectrum Spectra

Understanding Irregular Nouns

Irregular nouns are words that do not follow the regular rules for forming plurals in English. While most nouns add “-s” or “-es” to the end of the word to form the plural, irregular nouns have unique forms that must be memorized.

It is important to use the correct plural form of irregular nouns in written and spoken English to avoid grammatical errors and miscommunications.

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