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What is the synonym for “EGREGIOUS”?
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Correct Answer: Flagrant

What is the synonym for “EGREGIOUS”?

A. Outstanding
B. Conspicuous
C. Flagrant
D. Insignificant

Synonym for “Egregious”: Flagrant

When it comes to expanding your vocabulary, understanding synonyms is an essential part of the process. One such word that might have caught your attention is “egregious.” It’s a word often used to describe something outstandingly bad or shocking. But what if you’re looking for another word to convey the same meaning? In this case, the synonym you’re searching for is “flagrant.”

The English language is a treasure trove of words, each with its unique nuances and meanings. Sometimes, you may encounter a word that perfectly captures the essence of what you want to express, but it’s always good to have alternatives at your disposal. Synonyms are words that share a similar meaning with another word, and they offer variety and depth to your language.

One such word is “egregious.” It’s a term that signifies something remarkably bad or shocking, often to the point of being offensive or outstandingly noticeable. Picture a situation where you need to describe an action, behavior, or situation that stands out due to its sheer negativity or wrongdoing. “Egregious” would be the word of choice in such cases.

However, effective communication often relies on using different words to prevent repetition and keep your audience engaged. This is where synonyms like “flagrant” come into play. “Flagrant” carries the same weight as “egregious” and is used to depict something conspicuously bad, offensive, or scandalous. It’s a word that underscores the severity and unmistakable nature of a situation or action.

For example, imagine a scenario where a public figure commits an act of corruption so blatant and shocking that it cannot be ignored. You could describe it as an “egregious” display of misconduct. Alternatively, you could convey the same idea by calling it a “flagrant” abuse of power. In both cases, you’re emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Expanding your vocabulary with synonyms like “flagrant” allows you to choose the most fitting word for your context, adding depth and precision to your language. It’s a valuable skill in writing, speaking, and conveying your thoughts effectively.

So, the next time you come across the word “egregious” and want to add some variety to your expression, remember that “flagrant” is there to help you convey the same powerful message.

Antonym and Synonym

The antonym and synonym of “egregious”:

Word Type Meaning
Egregious Original Word Outstandingly bad or shocking
Flagrant Synonym Conspicuously bad or offensive
Outstanding Antonym Exceptionally good or impressive
Insignificant Antonym Unimportant or not noteworthy

Exploring Antonyms: The Opposite of Egregious

Language is a rich tapestry of words, each with its unique meaning and purpose. One fascinating aspect of language is the existence of antonyms, words that stand in opposition to one another. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the antonym of the word “egregious” and discover its opposite.

Understanding “Egregious”

Before we uncover its opposite, let’s take a moment to understand the word “egregious.” “Egregious” is an adjective that is used to describe something that is remarkably bad, shocking, or outstandingly terrible. When an action or behavior is described as “egregious,” it means it stands out for all the wrong reasons, often due to its extreme negativity.

The Antonym: “Insignificant”

Now, let’s introduce the antonym of “egregious.” The opposite of “egregious” is “insignificant.” When something is considered “insignificant,” it means it lacks importance, influence, or prominence. It is unremarkable, minor, or of little consequence. While “egregious” draws attention because of its extreme negativity, “insignificant” flies under the radar due to its lack of significance.

Putting Them in Context

To better understand these words, let’s consider some examples:

  • An egregious error in the financial report led to massive losses for the company.
  • The insignificant typo on the last page of the document went unnoticed by most readers.
  • An egregious lie

In the first example, “egregious” emphasizes the severity of the error, highlighting its significant impact. In the second example, “insignificant” downplays the importance of the typo, suggesting that it didn’t matter much.


Language is a dynamic tool that allows us to express a wide range of ideas and emotions. Antonyms like “egregious” and “insignificant” provide us with the ability to convey extremes, from the most shocking to the most trivial. Understanding these nuances enriches our communication and allows us to express ourselves with precision.

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