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What percentage of Pakistan’s GDP is allocated to education, making it one of the lowest in South Asia?
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Correct Answer: 2.4%

What percentage of Pakistan’s GDP is allocated to education in the 2023 Fiscal year?

A, 1.2%
B. 2.4%
C. 3.6%
D. 4.8%

Education in Pakistan

Pakistan, facing significant economic challenges, also grapples with a severe education crisis. The allocation of funds for education, as a percentage of the GDP, is alarmingly low, jeopardizing the nation’s future development.

Pakistan Education Budget Of GDP: The Shocking Reality

Pakistan allocates a mere 2.4% of its GDP to education, positioning it as one of the lowest spenders on education in South Asia. This figure is distressing because investing in education is not just a matter of policy but a fundamental necessity for the nation’s progress.

The Impact on Children

This dismal allocation has far-reaching consequences, especially for Pakistan’s youth. The country has the unfortunate distinction of having the world’s second-highest number of out-of-school children, exceeding 20 million, with a staggering 12 million of them being girls. This means that 44% of children aged five to sixteen in Pakistan are denied access to education.

Quality and Literacy

Even for those who manage to attend school, the dropout rates are alarmingly high. The root cause of this dire situation lies in decades of neglect and chronic underinvestment in education. Pakistan’s literacy rate stands at a meager 59%, with over 40% of the population being illiterate. Astonishingly, literacy levels have remained stagnant over the past five years.

Gender Disparity

Gender disparity in education access is another pressing issue. Pakistan’s gender gap is evident in various aspects of life, including education. The country’s gender inequality is reflected in low female labor force participation, limited access to education for girls, and gender-based discrimination in various spheres of life.

The Call for Urgent Action

Pakistan’s future is at stake due to its education allocation crisis. With a youthful population and persistent educational poverty, the nation faces the risk of joblessness and hopelessness among its youth unless substantial efforts are made to improve the scale and quality of education.

Addressing the Crisis

To overcome this crisis, Pakistan must prioritize education as a national emergency. The government needs to substantially increase investment in education, ensuring that every child has access to quality education. Policymakers must focus on expanding educational opportunities and improving the quality of education provided.

Gender Empowerment and Beyond

Furthermore, addressing gender disparities in education, health, and employment is critical. Pakistan must work toward achieving gender equality, offering equal opportunities to women in all spheres of life. Gender empowerment and inclusivity should be at the forefront of national priorities.


Pakistan stands at a crossroads, facing not only economic challenges but also a human development crisis. Addressing the education allocation crisis is not just a choice but an imperative for the nation’s stability, economic progress, and prosperity. Neglecting this crisis could have dire consequences for Pakistan’s future.


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