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CSS General Science And Ability Important MCQs of Past Papers

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General Science and Ability Quiz

Here, you are going to study CSS General Science And Ability Important MCQs of Past Papers. All these CSS General Science And Ability Important MCQs of Past Papers are on the pattern of seven grade course.

CSS General Science And Ability Important MCQs of Past Papers

The Brain of an Adult Human weigh between ______  grams

A. 1100-1200

B. 1300-1400

C. 1700-1800

D. None of these of Them


Brain of A Cat weight About ______ grams

A. 30 Gram

B. 40 Gram

C. 70 Gram

D. 60 Gram


Human brain is divided into ______ parts

A. 2

B. 3

C. 5

D. 7


 The Hind brain Consist of   ______ parts

A. 2

B. 3

C. 5

D. 7


The Organ Which does not produce any digestive secretion is

A. Liver

B. Pancreas

C. Stomach

D. Kidney


Protein are converted Into ______

A. Fats

B. Glucose

C. Amino Acid

D. Fibers


The Secretion of liver Is called ______

A. Bile

B. Pancreatic Juice

C. Saliva

D. Gastric


Name the Largest Part Of Alimentary Canal

A. Large Intestine

B. Small Intestine

C. Liver

D. Stomach


Name the Process of Caseous Exchange in the Body

A. Lymphatic System

B. Respiratory

C. Cardiovascular System

D. Respiratory System


The Largest Artery Is called ______

A. Aorta

B. Pulmonary Artery

C. Atrium

D. Vertical


The Evaporation of Water from leaves is calleD. ______

A. Photosynthesis

B. Respiration

C. Transpiration

D. None of these


The Blood From the heart Is transported to all parts of the body by the

A. Artieries

B. Veins

C. Capillaries

D. Villin


Heart is also Called

A. Mascular Pump

B. Pumping Device

C. Pumping machine

D. None of these


A White Blood cell is two times Of a

A. Red blood cell

B. Platelet

C. Tissue Cell

D. None of these  


Plasma Contain Water Along With Important

A. Cells

B. Tissue

C. Bacteria

D. Food chemical


There are ______ types of Reproduction

A. 4

B. 3

C. 2

D. 1


______.. is The productive  part in the Flowering plants

A. Root

B. Stem

C. Both A and B

D. Flower 


Egg in Carpel is know as

A. Anther

B. Ovule

C. Ovary

D. Style


Some plants have seed with hooks for ______

A. Generation

B. Preparation

C. Desperation

D. Fertilization 


A part of Plant which is found both in vegetable and fruit  is known as

A. Tuber

B. Femer

C. Layering

D. Bud


Living place Of an organism is called

A. Ecosystem

B. Environment

C. Habitant

D. Species


An Animal that feed on plants Is called

A. Secondary Consumer

B. Primary Consumer

C. Decomposer

D. Producer


The Study of Relationship of living organism with their Environment Is ______

A. Ecology

B. Socail Biology

C. Etymology

D. Physiology


Size of single atom is ______

A. 1nm

B. 0.1nm

C. 0.001

D. 1.0


Total No of Protons In Atom  Of Each Element is called Its ______.

A. Atomic Number

B. Atomic Mass

C. Molecular mass

D. None of these Of Them


The Center or core of an atom Is Called

A. Orbital

B. Nucleus

C. Proton

D. Neutron


The particle that Carries A Negative Electrical Charge ______

A. Electron

B. Nucleus

C. Proton

D. Neutron


In Out Atmosphere Nitrogen Consist of

A. 21

B. 78 %

C. 74

D. 71


Pakistan Only ______ % of area Is covered with Forest

A. 8

B. 6

C. 5

D. 9


Sl Unit of Pressure

A. Newton

B. Joul

C. Force

D. Pascal


______ Is A Device which is used for Measurement of Atomspheric Pressure

A. Hydrometer

B. Barometer

C. Gygometer

D. None of these


The Formula of Pressure ,P= 

A. F×A ✅

B. A/F

C. F/A 

D. F×D


1 Calorie is Equal ______. Joule’s

A. 4.71

B. 4.81

C. 463

D. 479


Polythene is a ______

A. polymer

B. Monomer

C. Element

D. Fertilizer


The Heat is Metal Rod flows by the Process of ______

A. Radiation

B. Rain

C. Convention

D. Conduction


The Normal Temperature of Human Body Is ______ F

  1. 35
  2. 37
  3. 98.6
  4. 106


The Upper Colour Of Rainbow Is

A. Green

B. Red

C. Yellow ✅

D. Violet


Light Travels ______

A. Faster Than Sound

B. Slower than sound

C. Faster than gamma Rays

D. Faster Than X rays


 Sound Waves are ______

A. Longitudinal

B. Transvers

C. X-Rays

D. Electromagnetic


Which of the following is related to the pitch of Sound Waves

A. Wave length

B. Speed

C. Amplitude

D. Frequency 

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A Human Ear Can Hear A sound only if its frequency lies between ______.

A. 20 ______ 3000Hertz

B. 20 ______ 2000

C. 20______200

D. None of these of them


As campare to Air ,sound travels faster in ______

A. Liquid

B. Gases

C. Vaccum

D. Fluids

Mcq 43

An Example of Longitudinal Wave is

A. Slinky Spring

B. Energy

C. Water Wave

D. Light

Mcq 44

Two Kilowatt Hour is the Energy ______

A. 3600000

B. 720000

C. 800000

D. 1080000


The Largest Unit of Electricity is ______

A. Joule

B. Watt ✅

C. Kiloamphere

D. Ampere


The Building block Of the universe is ______

A. Earth

B. Sun

C. Gallaxy

D. None of these


Most Primitive bodies in solar system are ______

A. Kuiper

B. Comets

C. Meterite

D. Planet


A black hole has a very strong ______..

A. Electric Field

B. Magnetic Field

C. Electromagnetic Feild

D. Gravitational field


There are ______. planets In Solar System

A. 5

B. 8

C. 6

D. 9


______. is a 7th and forth largest Planet and coldest of the solar System

A. Jupiter

B. Saturn

C. Uranus

D. Neptune


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