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 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) MCQs

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) MCQs
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) MCQs

Explore a comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) about NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in this extensive archive. Test your knowledge and enhance your understanding of this vital international alliance. Perfect for students, researchers, and anyone seeking to grasp key concepts about NATO’s history, missions, and significance.

Members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) 2024

As of 2024, there are 32 member states in NATO following the ascension of Sweden on March 7, 2024. After joining of Sweden now, there are 32 members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) onwards. However, before that Finland joined the alliance on 4 April 2023. where a country named North Macedonia joined NATO on 27 March 2020.  Therefore, onwards NATO has 32 members now.

Alphabetical List of NATO Member Countries

Explore an organized list of NATO member countries in alphabetical order along with their respective accession years:

  1. Albania (2009)
  2. Belgium (1949)
  3. Bulgaria (2004)
  4. Canada (1949)
  5. Croatia (2009)
  6. Czechia (1999)
  7. Denmark (1949)
  8. Estonia (2004)
  9. Finland (2023)
  10. France (1949)
  11. Germany (1955)
  12. Greece (1952)
  13. Hungary (1999)
  14. Iceland (1949)
  15. Italy (1949)
  16. Latvia (2004)
  17. Lithuania (2004)
  18. Luxembourg (1949)
  19. Montenegro (2017)
  20. Netherlands (1949)
  21. North Macedonia (2020)
  22. Norway (1949)
  23. Poland (1999)
  24. Portugal (1949)
  25. Romania (2004)
  26. Slovakia (2004)
  27. Slovenia (2004)
  28. Spain (1982)
  29. Sweden (2024)
  30. Türkiye (1952)
  31. United Kingdom (1949)
  32. United States (1949)

How Each Country Became a NATO Member

Discover the timeline of NATO membership expansion, detailing the accession years of each country:

  • 1949: The 12 founding members
  • 1952: The accession of Greece and Türkiye
  • 1955: The accession of Germany
  • 1982: The accession of Spain
  • 1999: The first wave of post-Cold War enlargement
  • 2004: The second wave of post-Cold War enlargement
  • 2009: The accession of Albania and Croatia
  • 2017: The accession of Montenegro
  • 2020: The accession of North Macedonia
  • 2023: The accession of Finland
  • 2024: The accession of Sweden

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International Organisations and Headquarters

list of prominent international organisations and their headquarters.
list of prominent international organisations and their headquarters.

International organisations play a crucial role in addressing global challenges and promoting cooperation among nations. These organisations have their headquarters in various cities around the world, and it’s essential to know where they are located. In this article, we will provide you with a list of prominent international organisations and their headquarters.

International Organisation Headquarters
UNO New York
NAM New York
UNFPA New York
FAO Rome
Red Cross Geneva
ILO Geneva
WHO Geneva
UNHCR Geneva
WTO Geneva
WMO Geneva (World meteorological organisation)
World Economic Forum Geneva
UNIDO Vienna
OPEC Vienna
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