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As the Cabinet has approved the Screening test for the competitive Exam of CSS 2022 and onwards. The screening test for CSS 2023 will be held, probably, in the month of 2nd October 2022(Sunday). As per FPSC Passing marks will be 33% out of 100(Marks 66/200). Whereas, a written Exam of CSS will be held on 1st February 2023(Wednesday).

All the details of the CSS Screening Test 2023 are given below.

CSS 2023 MCQ BASED PRELIMINARY TEST (MPT) Screening Test Details
CSS 2023 MCQ BASED PRELIMINARY TEST (MPT) Screening Test Details

Here, you will come to know about the screening test of the CSS MCQ Based Preliminary Test (MPT) and all of its details.

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📚 Important Details for CSS Preliminary Test (MPT) 2024: 📚
– 📝 Only qualified and shortlisted candidates will sit for the CSS 2024 written examination.
– 📚 The exam consists of a 200-mark, MCQ-based paper covering topics in Appendix III and the syllabus (Annexure-C). You can find the syllabus  here (https://cssmcqs.com/css-syllabus-2024/).
– 🗓 The MPT is held annually before the written examination.
– ⏰ The MPT has a duration of 200 minutes.
– 📅 The results are valid for the same year of the competitive examination.
– 📊 The qualifying threshold is 33% marks (66/200).
– ❌ There is no negative marking.
– 🔄 There is no limit on the number of attempts.
– 💻 Apply online for registration before the closing date.
– 🚫 No hard copies of documents are required.
– 💳 Pay the specified fee as mentioned in Appendix II.
– 📜 Download your admission certificate from the Commission’s website.
– 🆔 You’ll need your original CNIC, treasury receipt, and admission certificate for entry.
– 📢 The results will be published on the Commission’s website.
– 🏛 The test may be conducted in batches if there are many applicants.
– ✅ You must otherwise be eligible for the competitive examination.
– ❌ Providing incorrect information in the application may lead to rejection.
– 🚫 You are not eligible if you’ve already had three chances in competitive exams. 

📚 Subject-wise Distribution for CSS MPT Screening Test 2023 📚
The CSS MPT Screening Test 2023 covers various subjects, each contributing to your success:
1. Islamic Studies (20 marks) – Non-Muslim candidates can choose either Civics and Ethics or Islamic Studies.
2. Urdu (20 marks) – Including grammar usage and translation.
3. English (50 marks) – Comprising vocabulary, grammar usage, and comprehension.
4. General Abilities (60 marks) – This section assesses your basic arithmetic skills at SSC level, algebra at SSC level, geometry at SSC level, logical problem-solving abilities, analytical skills, and mental abilities.
5. General Knowledge (50 marks) – Encompassing everyday science, current affairs, and Pakistan affairs.

Prepare effectively for these subjects to excel in the CSS MPT Screening Test. Your success awaits! 🌟

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Both males and females including special persons having at least a 2nd Division Bachelor’s degree and between the ages of 21 to 30 years are eligible. The upper age limit is relaxable by two years for categories mentioned in Rule 6 of CSS Competitive Examination Rules-2019 and onwards, subject to fulfilment of documentary requirements. The cutoff date for determining the eligibility of the candidate in terms of age, qualification, domicile etc, is 31st December 2022.

MPT is likely to be held at the following centres depending upon the availability of sufficient candidates:


(1) Abbottabad (2) Bahawalpur
(3) D.G. Khan (4) D.I.Khan
(5) Faisalabad (6) Gilgit
(7) Gujranwala (8) Hyderabad
(9) Islamabad (10) Karachi
(11) Lahore (12) Larkana
(13) Multan (14) Muzaffarabad
(15) Peshawar (16) Quetta
(17) Rawalpindi (18) Sargodha
(19) Sukkur (20) Turbat



  1. Carefully fill out the online form and check it before final submission.
  2. Deposit 250/-as Exam Fee, before the closing date in the nearest Government Treasury/State Bank of Pakistan/National Bank of Pakistan under the account head “CO2 IO I-Organs of State Exam fee (FPSC Receipt) and bring Original Challan form at Exam Center at the time of appearing in the Test.
  3. Download computer-generated Admission Certificate from FPSC website e. www.fpsc.gov.pk. In this regard, no intimation shall be sent through post etc.
  4. Be informed that the examination centre once selected shall not be
  5. Mention CNIC Number & Date of Birth correctly in online Wrong entry may lead to rejection.
  6. Strict compliance with CSS CE Rules, 2019 as amended from time to time is required and their acceptance by candidates is a pre-
  7. Candidates are responsible for the provision of correct & complete information in their own
  8. FPSC has Zero tolerance against cheating/unfair Candidates are required to be fully aware of the Consequences in this regard.
  9. Contact may be made on the following numbers for further information/queries if required

VAN 051-111-000-248 OR 051-9219845, 051-9223282, 051-9210702


Rules and regulations of FPSC CSS MCQ Based Preliminary Test (MPT)

  • MPT will be effective from CSS CE 2022.
  • Mandatory Qualifying Test for appearing in Main Written CSS CE 2022.
  • Appearance in MPT will not be counted as a chance.
  • MPT will comprise 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of One Mark each.
  • No Negative Marking.
  • Time duration will be 200 Minutes.
  • Qualifying Threshold: Overall 33% Marks (66/200).
  • Answer key will be uploaded on the FPSC website on the same day after the conclusion of the Test.
  • Candidates will be allowed to take a carbon copy of the answer sheet.
  • MPT will be a knowledge-based test.
  • The score of MPT will be valid only for the same year’s CSS CE and will not be counted towards overall marks determining the final merit position.
  • The cut-off date to determine eligibility in terms of age, qualification, domicile etc. is 31.12.2022.
  • The fee for MPT will be Rs. 250/- (Non-Refundable).


It is to be noticed that appearing in screening test only will not be counted as an attempt. And, there will be no negative Marking.

The distribution of marks of CE-2022 Screen is as under:

SYLLABUS of CSS Screening Test 2022 MPT may be seen on FPSC’s website is given below

S. No. Subject Marks (200)
1 Islamic Studies (Civics and Ethics: Non-Muslims may opt for Civics and Ethics or Islamic Studies) 20
2 Urdu (Grammar Usage and Translation) 20
3 English (Vocabulary, Grammar usage, and Comprehension) 50
4 General Ability (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Logical problem solving, and Analytical problem solving) 60
5 General Knowledge (Everyday Science, Current Affairs, and Pakistan affairs) 50



Tips and Tricks to Qualify CSS Exam Screening Test

In order to clear the CSS Screening test, one needs to use the following techniques for FPSC Screening test preparation. Therefore, utilize the accompanying methods for the CSS FPSC Screening test before you don’t have sufficient time. Although, there is no recommended syllabus for the screening test of the CSS Exam, however, there are 90% chances that it will be taken in compulsory subjects of css i.e.  English, General Science & Ability Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs and Islamic studies. If you are already preparing yourself for the exam of CSS, you need not worry too much about the process of the FPSC Screening test, but yet as it is very crucial to qualify in order to set in the real exam. Therefore, you should not take it very lightly and considering working for it, should be your topmost priority.

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How to Prepare for the Screening test of CSS Exams
How to Prepare for the Screening test of CSS Exams

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