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Here, you will find English Pair of Words Mcqs and  Verbal Analogies Mcqs and quiz

Here, every Question MCQs below Consists of a Related Pair of Words, which has four/five lettered pair of words. You will Select the lettered pair that best expresses a Relationship to that expressed in the original pair.

Let’s discuss first that how one can find and Solve Analogies/Related Pair of Words Mcqs

How to Solve Analogies/Related Pair of Words Mcqs:

HOW TO SOLVE ANALOGIES: To answer Analogy question, start making up a “test sentence” that expresses how the two words in the question are related. Then try to insert the words from each choice in your test sentence to see which pair makes the most sense. To understand the concept better, consider the following example:


A. Candle: Light
B. Fire: Spark
C. Hillock: Mountain
D. splinter: Wood
E. Milk: Butter

First find the relationship between the given pair of words, and then look for the pair of words among the answers that has the same relationship.

A CRUMB is a very small piece that falls from or breaks off from a piece of BREAD. In choice (D), splinter is a very small piece that breaks off or splits away from a piece of wood. None of the relationships between the two words in the other choices is similar to the relationship between CRUMB and BREAD, for examplA.

  1. Candle emits light; it is not a small piece of a candle.
  2. Spark can cause fire. Fire is not a piece of spark.
  3. Hillock and mountain has a relationship of small and large.
  4. Milk is what butter is made from, but butter is not a small piece of Milk.


Explanation of the preceding example gives 3 clues:

  1. You must know the meaning of the words.
  2. You should be able to express the relationship between the two words in the question in a test sentence.
  3. You should be able to express the relationship, in correct answer, by using the test sentence for substituting the words.
  4. Eliminate the wrong choices so that you will have less choices to decide the correct answer.


In casA. you don’t know the correct answer, eliminate any choices that you know are wrong and guess from those remaining.

English Pair of Words Mcqs


A. Secret: Confident
B. Cell: Prisoner
C. Palette: Painter
D. Draft: Writer


A. Winter: Summer
B. Sword: Sharp
C. Run: Fast
D. Drill: Hole


A. Hair: Black
B. Bird: Aviary
C. Tiger: Carnivorous
D. Mammal: Cow


A. Cockroach: Antenna
B. Instrument: Pencil
C. Hard Disk: Keyboard
D. Bread: Butter


A. Artist: Musician
B. Patron: Support
C. Honesty: Charity
D. Bank: Banker


A. Fasting: Hunger
B. Round: Boxing
C. Flower: Color
D. Hiking: Gangrene


A. Sweating: Wrestling
B. Hunter: Fire
C. Speech: Stage
D. Stammer: Talk

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