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General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS
General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQS


> Tallest Building is Dubai Burj (Dubai)
> Longest Canal is Grand Canal
> Largest Cathedral is Cathedral Church of New York
> Largest Cemetry is Ohlsdorf Cemetry (Hamburg, Germany)
> Largest Church is Balisca of St. Peter in the Vatican City, Rome.
> Largest Continent is Asia
> Smallest Continent is Australia
> Largest Country (Area) is Russia
> Largest Airport is King Abdul Khalid International Airport (Saudi Arabia)
> Highest Airport is Lhasa Airport, Tibet
> Tallest Animal is Giraffe
> Largest Animal is Blue Bottom whale
> Largest Bay is Hudson Bay, Canada.
> Fastest Bird is Swift
> Largest Bird is Ostrich
> Smallest Bird is Humming bird
> Longest Bridge is Huey P. Long Bridge (USA)
> Smallest Country (Area) is Vatican City
> Biggest Cinema House is Roxy, New York
> Highest City is Wenchuan, China
> Most Populous City is Tokyo
> Longest Day is June 21
> Shortest Day is December 22
> Largest Delta is Sunderban (India)
> Largest Desert is Sahara, North Africa
> Biggest Dome is Gol Gumbaz (Bijapur), India
> Largest Dams is Grand Coulee Dam, USA
> Tallest Fountain is Fountain Hills, Arizona
> Largest Library is United States Library of Congress, Washington
> Largest Mosque is Jama Masjid, Delhi (India)
> Highest Mountain Peak is Mount Everest (Nepal)
> Highest Mountain Range is Himalayas, Asia.
> Largest Mountain Range is Andes (South America)
> Biggest Museum is American Museum of Natural History (New York).
> Largest Minaret is Sultan Hassan Mosque (Egypt)
> Tallest Minaret is Qutub Minar, Delhi (India)
> Biggest Oceans is Pacific Ocean
> Deepest Oceans is Pacific Ocean
> Largest Gulf is Gulf of Mexico
> Largest Hotel is Excalibur Hotel (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
> Largest Island is Greenland
> Largest Lake is Caspian Sea.
> Deepest Lake is Baikal (Siberia)
> Highest Lake is Titicaca (Bolivia)
> Biggest Palace is Vatican (Rome)
> Largest Palace is Imperial Palace (China)
> Largest Park is National Park of North-Eastern (Greenland)
> Largest Peninsula is Arabia
> Highest Plateau is Pamir (Tibet)
> Longest Platform is Kharagpur, W. Bengal (India)
> Largest Platform is Grand Central Terminal, (Rly. Station), New York (USA)
> Longest River is Nile, Africa
> Longest River Dam is Hirakud Dam, India
> Largest Sea is South China Sea
> Largest Stadium is Starhove Stadium, Prague (Czech Republic)
> Brightest Star is Sirius A
> Tallest Statue is Motherland (Russia)
> Largest Sea-bird is Albatross
> Biggest Telescope is Mt. Palomar (USA)
> Longest Train is Flying Scotsman
> Largest Temple is Angkorwat in Combodia.
> Oldest Theatre is Teatro Olimpico (Itlay)
> Tallest Tower is C. N. Tower, Toronto (Canada)
> Longest Wall is Great Wall of China
> Highest Waterfall is Angel (Venezuela)
> Widest Waterfall is Khone Falls (Laos)
> Lowest Water Level is Dead Sea
> Longest Epic is Mahabharata
> Hottest Place is Azizia (Libya)
> Rainiest Place is Mosinram, near Cherrapunji (India)
> Highest Road is Leh-Nobra, Ladakh division India.
> Highest Village is Andean (Chile)
> Highest Volcano is Ojos del Salado, (Argentina) Chile
> Largest Volcano is Manuna Lea (Hawai)
> Lightest Gas is Hydrogen
> Fastest Animal is Cheetah
> Biggest Flower is Rafflesia (Java)
> Longest Corridor is Rameshwaram Temple (India)
> Largest Democracy is India
> Highest Cable Car Project is Gulmarg (Jammu-Kashmir)
> Biggest Airbus is Double Decker A-380
> Highest Rail Track is Kwinghai- Tibbet Railway (China)
> Largest planet is Jupiter
> Biggest Planet is Jupiter
> Smallest Planet is Mercury
> Brightest Planet is Venus
> Coldest Planet is Neptune
> Nearest Planet (to the Sun) is Mercury
> Farthest Planet (from the Sun) is Neptune
> Smallest planet is Pluto

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