Junior Clerk BPS 11 Test by PTS

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Today’s (17-03-2021) Question
Junior Clerk BPS 11 Hyderabad region
Sindh Police by PTS (Morning Shift).

Junior Clerk BPS 11 Test by PTS

Q1: First Female Governor of State Bank of Pakistan? (Shamshad Akhter)
Q2: Former Capital of Pakistan (Karachi)
Q3: Which city is called Brasilia of Pakistan?
Q4: National Flower of Pakistan? (Jasmin)
Q5: who appointed COAS in Pakistan? (PRESIDENT )
Q6: F12 used for? (save as)
Q7: Largest Desert of Pakistan? (Thar Desert)
Q8: Short key cltr+H (Replace)
Q.9: Short key Cltr+W (close document)
Q.10: Increase font size short cut key (Ctrl+])
Q.11: Minimum size required for column
Q.12: Treasures used M.S word
Q.13: Synonyms of Wild and suppress
Q.14: 1962 approved in the regime of
Q.15: Warsak dam on Kabul river near Rawalpindi
Q.16: How many medals won Pakistan in the commonwealth game 2019? In 2018 5 medals 🏅 1 bronze 4
Q.17: Pakistan connect Afghanistan which passes? Khyber pass

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