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What are the causes and consequences of the energy crisis in Pakistan? Also, provide its recommendations

1. Introduction
2. Energy Crisis Scenarios in Pakistan
3. Causes of Energy Crisis in Pakistan

i. Lack of comprehensive planning & policies
ii. Lack of resources & failure to exploit them well
iii. Lack of proper literacy and awareness
iv. Less & improper use of Modern Technology
v. Scarcity of funds to lunch new projects
vi. Inadequate skill to utilize workforce
vii. Menace of Corruption
viii. No accountability & transparency
ix. Huge pulse of the population
x. Political instability & no consensus among them
xi. Misuse of Energy by a common man
xii. Flaws in regulation and distribution
xiii. Weak role of a Media

4. Consequences of Energy Crisis in Pakistan

i. Unprecedent load shedding
ii. Economic downfall
iii. Unemployment & Poverty
iv. Psychological issues in People
v. Widening gap between Public & State
vi. Declining exports
vii. Inflation
viii. Affecting education and students
ix. Decreased credibility of politicians
x. Derailment of democracy
xi. Every sphere of life is affected.

5. Recommendation to mitigate Energy Crisis in Pakistan

i. Awareness among the masses
ii. Consensus among the politician
iii. Construction of new dams
iv. Proper use of alternative energy resources
v. Vibrant Media to catch and show thieves
vi. Energy conservation campaign and demand management
vii. Proper use of modern technologies
viii. Population control
ix. Development of integrated energy policy
x. Coal and Hydro power plants
xi. Solve circular debt issue
xii. Power conservation and generation projects
xiii. Load shedding in a transparent manner
xiv. Avoid extra tariffs
xv. Replacement of inefficient plants
xvi. Minimize line losses

6. Conclusion

Introduction of Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Energy crisis is a matter of grave concern all over the world in the contemporary run. Pakistan, a third-world country, has been a victim of this crisis since its inception. In Pakistan, these crises are worsening over the course of time. The crisis of energy has given birth to many issues. It has given a severe setback to the country’s economy. It has badly disturbed the socio-economic fabric of Pakistani society. It has added to the miseries of people. Lack of comprehensive planning and long-term policies are the root cause of this problem. However, inadequate funds, resources and awareness have aggravated the country’s energy quandary condition. Which, in return, have given unprecedented load shedding, economic downfall, closure of industries, unemployment & poverty. Therefore, this problem must be given due attention. There is a need for consensus among the political elite, the construction of new dams, proper use of alternative energy resources and awareness about the misuse of energy for the common man before the problem becomes inescapable.

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