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CSS Islamiat Most Important MCQs for preparation

Here, you will have some CSS Islamiat Most Important MCQs for preparation

Islamiat Most Important MCQs for preparation of CSS Exam

Q1. . Hazrat Adam (AS) is a word of______________language?
A. Hebrew
B. Syriani ✓
C. Persian
D. Arabic
Q2. Which of the following was the Teacher of Hazrat Musa (AS) ?
A. Hazrat Ishaq (AS)
B. Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S)
D. Hazrat Yousaf (A.S)
Q3. How many surah start with name of Prophets?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 6 ✓
D. 5
Q4. ____ died while standing with the support of a stick?
A. Hazrat Suleman A.S ✓
B. Hazrat Musa A.S
C. Hazrat Haroon A.S
D. Hazrat Essa A.S
Q5. When did incident of Karbala occur?
A. 10 October 680 ✓
B. 12 October 680
C. 14 October 680
D. 16 October 680
Q6. Who is known as Adam-e-Sani?
A. Hazrat Adam (A.S)
B. Hzarat Moosa (A.S)
C. Hazrat Nooh (A.S) ✓
D. Hazrat Ibbrahim (A.s)
Q7. Surah Muzammil means ____________?
A. Cover
B. Wrapped in Garments ✓
C. In The Sky
D. Iron
Q8. Surah Ankaboot means ___________?
A. Cat
B. Cockroach
C. Horse
D. Spider ✓
Q9. . The meaning of Muharram is?
A. Dry Land
B. To Respect
C. Forbidden ✓
D. To pray
Q10. __ applied the dots in the Holy Quran?
A. Hujaj Bin Yousuf
B. Hazrat Umar
C. Hazrat Usman
D. Abdul Malik Marwan ✓
Q11. Zaboor is revealed in ___________ language?
A. Hebrew
B. Siriac ✓
C. Arabic
D. Farsi
Q12. Apollo __________ placed the copy of the Holy Quran on the moon.
A. 15 ✓
B. 16
C. 17
D. 18
Q13. The Battle of Karbala took place on which Hijri?
A. 61 AH ✓
B. 65 AH
C. 68 AH
D. 69 AH
Q14. Who was known to be the first martyr of Karbala.?
A. Sakinah bint Hussain
B. The tribe of Bani Asad
C. Hurr ibn Yazid ✓
D. None
Q15. Name the first Muslim among slaves?
A. Hazrat Usamah bin Zaid (RA)
B. Hazrat Bilal Habshi (RA)
C. Hazrat Zaid bin Haris (RA) ✓
D. None of these
Q16. Arafat gathering is held on__________?
A. 8 Zil hajj
B. 9 Zil hajj ✓
C. 10 Zil hajj
D. 12 Zil hajj
Q17. Imam-e-Dar-ul-Hijrat was a title of____________?
A. Imam Ahmad
B. Imam Malik ✓
C. Imam Shaafi
D. Imam Muhammad
Q18. Ada Bin Hatam Thai embrace Islam in________?
A. 3 Hijri
B. 6 Hijri
C. 9 Hijri ✓
D. 11 Hijri
Q19. Masjid Zu Qiblatain is situated in__________?
A. Madina ✓
B. Mukkah
C. Taif
D. Jabal-e-Noor
E. None of these

Q20. Which of the following the Quran considers as an unpardonable sin?
A. Lie
B. Jealousy
C. Shirk
D. Hypocrisy

Q1. Lady named ___________ tried to poison the Holy Prophet ?
A. Ayesha
B. Razia
C. Zainab ✓
D. Fatima
Q2. Prophet recited ____________ at the conquest of Makkah.
A. surah Al-Fatha ✓
B. Surah Al-Kausar
C. Surah Al-Anfal
D. Surah Al-Ankaboot
Q3. Second migration to Habshah took place in ?
A. 613 A.D
B. 614 A.D
C. 615 A.D
D. 616 A.D ✓
Q4. Friend of Khadija ____________ carried message of Nikah ?
A. Fatima
B. Kulsoom
C. Nafeesa ✓
D. Sobia
Q5 . Abdul Mutalib died in ___________ A.D.
A. 578
B. 579 ✓
C. 580
D. 581
Q6 . For _______________ years Haleema took care of Prophet (PBUH)?
A. Six ✓
B. Seven
C. Eight
D. Nine
Q7 . For __________ years Abdul Mutalib took care of Prophet.
A. one
B. Two ✓
C. Three
D. Four
Q8 . Social boycott of Banu Hashim took place in ____________ Nabvi.
A. 4th
B. 5th
C. 6th
D. 7th ✓
Q9 . Social boycott continued for ____________ years?
A. Two
B. Three ✓
C. Four
D. Five
Q10 . Original name of Abu Jehl was ___________ bin Hisham.
A. Abha
B. Saleh
C. Omar ✓
D. Ali
Q11 . . Abu-al-Hikm is the title of ?
A. Abu jehl ✓
B. Abu bakar
C. Abu Lahab
D. Abu Hurairah
Q12 . King of __________ tore away the message of Prophet.
A. Iraq
B. Egypt
C. Syria
D. Iran ✓
Q13 . After __________ years of the birth of Holy prophet Bibi Amina died ?
A. 5
B. 6 ✓
C. 7
D. 8
Q14 . After _________ years of the birth of Prophet, Abdul Muttalib died ?
A. 6
B. 7
C. 8 ✓
D. 9
Q15 . __ was called month of migration ?
A. Muharram
B. Shaaban
C. Ramzan
D. Rabiul Awal ✓
Q16. Prophet addressed Khutba-e-Jumaa for first time in _________ Hijrah ?
A. 1st ✓
B. 2nd
C. 3rd
D. 4th
Q17. Year of Deputation is ________________ Hijrah.
A. 8th
B. 9th ✓
C. 10th
D. 11th
Q18. Moawakhat (the brotherhood) took place in __________ Hijrah ?
A. 1st
B. 2nd ✓
C. 3rd
D. 4th
Q19. Jehad was allowed in ______________ Hijrah ?
A. 1st
B. 2nd ✓
C. 3rd
D. 4th
Q20. Hurrirah means a ?
A. Goat
B. Ant
C. Camel
D. Cat ✓
Q21. Companions of Prophet at Hudabiya were ?
A. 1300
B. 1400 ✓
C. 1500
D. 1600
Q22. Prophet stayed at Makkah for __________ days after its conquest ?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 15 ✓
D. 20
Q23. Hazrat Khadija and Hazrat Abu Talib died in ?
A. 618 A.D
B. 619 A.D ✓
C. 620 A.D
D. 621 A.D
Q 24. Hazrat __________ proposed Azan for the first time ?
A. Ali
B. Usman
C. Abu Bakar
D. Umar ✓
Q 25. Ghazwa-e-Badr occurred in ____________?
A. 2 Hijrah ✓
B. 3 Hijrah
C. 4 Hijrah
D. 5 Hijrah
Q26. ____ Muslims fought in the battle of Ghazwa-e-Badr ?
A. 313 ✓
B. 314
C. 315
D. 316
Q27 . idols in Kaba before Islam numbered ?
A. 340
B. 350
C. 360 ✓
D. 370
Q 28. The largest idol named in kaaba was ?
A. Hubal ✓
B. jabal
C. Tabal
D. Haleeb
Q 29. Bilal called first aazan of ___________ prayer.
A. Fajar ✓
B. Zuhar
C. Asar
D. Maghrib
Q30 . The grave of the Prophet was prepared by ?
A. Hazrat Abu Bakar
B. Hazrat Umar
C. Hazrat Usman
D. Hazrat Abu Talha ✓
Q 31. Hazrat Khadija died at _______ years age?
A. 63
B. 64
C. 65 ✓
D. 66
Q32. Hazrat __________ died first among the Sahabah.
A. Ali
B. Abu Bakar
C. Umar
D. Asad ✓
Q 33. Surah ___________ is known as Heart of Quran.
A. Rahman
B. Ankaboot
C. Falaq
D. Yaseen ✓
Q34. Hazrat ___________ accepted Islam first in Women.
A. Amina
B. Khadija ✓
C. Hafsa
D. Ruqya
Q35. Hazrat ______________ accepted Islam first in Men.
A. Usman
B. Abu Bakar ✓
C. Umar
D. Ali
Q36. At age of ___________ holy Prophet received first Wahi.
A. 38 Years
B. 39 Years
C. 40 Years ✓
D. 41 Years
Q37. Hazrat ___________ was the foster mother of Holy Prophet.
A. Haleema ✓
B. Ruqya
C. Summaya
D. Bushra
Q38. Ghazawahs are described in Holy Quran.
A. 10
B. 11
C. 12 ✓
D. 13
Q39. Paradise is mentioned in Quran for_______ times.
A. 130
B. 140
C. 150 ✓
D. 160
Q40. Ibrahim A.S remained in fire ________ days.
A. 35
B. 40 ✓
C. 45
D. 50
Q41. On Which time the Holy Prohpet(PBUH) was gifted with Namaz?
A. Miraj ✓
B. Hijrat
C. Ghazwa Badar
D. None of them
Q42. Five prayers were declared compulsory in?
A. 9th Nabvi
B. 10th Nabvi ✓
C. 11th Nabvi
D. 12th Nabvi
Q43. Fajar, Zuhur, Asar, Maghrib and _________are compulsory salats?
A. Eid
B. Khasoof
C. Ishaa ✓
D. Chasht
Q44. On the Judgment day first question will be about?
A. Fast
B. Zakat
C. Namaz ✓
D. Hajj
Q45. The Maghrib Prayer is offered?
A. Before sunset
B. At noon
C. Just After the sun set ✓
D. None of them
Q46. The Tasbeeh of Subhana Rabi-al-Azeem is recited in?
A. Sajda
B. Rakuh ✓
C. Qaada
D. All of them
Q47. The Tasbeeh of Subhana Rabi-al-Alaa is recited in?
A. Sajda ✓
B. jalsa
C. Raku
D. Qada
Q48. The Namaz-e-Taraveeh can be offered between the Salats of?
A. Isha & Fajar ✓
B. Zuhar & Maghrib
C. Asr & Isha
D. Maghrib & Asr
Q49. On gold falqaram (nisab) is____________?
A. 7 1/2 Tolas ✓
B. 8 1/2 Tolas
C. 9 1/2 Tolas

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