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Currencies, Capitals and Facts of ALL Important Countries of The World | Continent wise

In this article, You will come across Important Currencies, Capitals and Facts of ALL Countries of The World. These Currencies, Capitals and Facts of ALL Countries of The World are given Continental wise.

Paper notes showing Currencies, Capitals and Facts of ALL Countries of The World
Paper notes Currencies, Capitals and Facts of ALL Countries of The World

Some Important Currencies, Capitals and Facts of ALL of States of The World

Asian Currencies, Capitals and Facts

S.No Country Capital Currency
1 Afghanistan Kabul Afghani
2 Bahrain Manama Bahraini Dinar
3 Bangladesh Dhaka Taka
4 Bhutan Thimpu Ngultrum
5 Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei Dollar
6 Myanmar (Burma) Nay Pyi Taw Burmese Kyat
7 Cambodia Phnom Penh Cambodian Riel
8 China Beijing Chinese Renminbi
9 East Timor Dili US Dollar
10 India New Delhi Indian Rupee
11 Indonesia Jakarta Indonesian Rupiah
12 Iran Tehran Iranian Rial
13 Iraq Baghdad Iraqi Dinar
14 Israel Jerusalem Israeli New Shekel
15 Japan Tokyo Japanese Yen
16 Jordan Amman Jordanian Dinar
17 Kazakhstan Astana Tenge
18 Korea, North Pyongyang North Korean Won
19 Korea, South Seoul South  Korean Won
20 Kuwait Kuwait City Kuwaiti Dinar
21 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Kyrgyztani Som
22 Laos Vientiane Lao Kip
23 Lebanon Beirut Lebanese Pound
24 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Ringgit
25 Maldives Male (Maale) Maldivian Rufiyaa
26 Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mongolian Tugrik
27 Nepal Kathmandu Nepalese Rupee
28 Oman Muscat Omani Rial
29 Pakistan Islamabad Pakistan Rupee
30 Philippines Manila Philippine Peso
31 Qatar Doha Qatari Rial
32 Russian Federation (Russia) Moscow Russian Ruble (Rouble)
33 Saudi Arabia Riyadh Saudi Riyal
34 Singapore Singapore Singapore Dollar
35 Sri Lanka Colombo Sri Lankan Rupee
36 Syria Damascus Syrian Pound
37 Tajikistan Dushanbe Somoni
38 Thailand Bangkok Thai Baht
39 Turkey Ankara Turkish Lira
40 Turkmenistan Ashgabat Turkmenistan Manat
41 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi UAE Dirham
42 Uzbekistan Tashkent Uzbekistani Som
43 Vietnam Hanoi Vietnamese Dong
44 Yemen Sanaa Yemeni  Rial

Facts about Asia :

  • Largest Country: Russia
  • China is the largest country by population.
  • Tokyo is the largest city and has the largest metropolitan area.
  • Smallest Country: Maldives.
  • Borneo in South-East Asia is also the third largest island in the world and the largest in Asia.
  • Yangtze River is the longest on the Asian continent.
  • Mount Everest. The mountain is located in the Himalayan mountain range and the highest peak is 8,849metres/ 29,035ft high.
  • Biggest Lake: Caspian Sea. The coastline is shared by five countries: Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Iran.
  • The Gobi desert is the largest desert in Asia and the fifth largest desert in the world.

NORTH AMERICA Currencies, Capitals and Facts:

S.No Country Capital Currency
1 Antigua and Barbuda St. John’s East Caribbean Dollar
2 Bahamas Nassau Bahamian Dollar
3 Barbados Bridgetown Barbadian Dollar
4 Belize Belmopan Belize Dollar
5 Canada Ottawa Canadian Dollar
6 Costa Rica San Jose Costa Rican Colon
7 Cuba Havana 2 currencies – Cuban Peso and Cuban convertible peso
8 Dominica Roseau East Caribbean Dollar
9 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Dominican Peso
10 El Salvador San Salvador US Dollar
11 Grenada St. George’s East Caribbean Dollar
12 Guatemala Guatemala City Guatemala Quetzal
13 Haiti Port-au-Prince Gourde
14 Honduras Tegucigalpa Lempira
15 Jamaica Kingston Jamaican Dollar
16 Mexico Mexico City Mexican Peso
17 Nicaragua Managua Cordoba
18 Panama Panama City US Dollar (Panama locals call it Balboa)
19 Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre East Caribbean Dollar
20 Saint Lucia Castries East Caribbean Dollar
21 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown East Caribbean Dollar
22 Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
23 United States Washington, D.C. US Dollar

Facts about North America :

  • Largest Country: Canada.
  • Largest City: Mexico City
  • Smallest Country: St Kitts and Nevis
  • Biggest Island: Greenland
  • Longest River of North America: Missouri River/USA
  • Highest Mountain: Denali in  Alasaka /USA.
  • Biggest Lake: Lake Superior.
  • Lowest Point: Death Valley.
  • Biggest Cities: Mexico City.

SOUTH AMERICA Currencies, Capitals and Facts:

S.No. Country Capital Currency
1 Albania Tirana Lek
2 Andorra Andorra la Vella Euro
3 Armenia Yerevan Armenian Dram
4 Austria Vienna Euro
5 Azerbaijan Baku Manat
6 Belarus Minsk Belarusian Ruble
7 Belgium Brussels Euro
8 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Convertible Mark
9 Bulgaria Sofia Lev
10 Croatia Zagreb Kuna
11 Cyprus Nicosia Euro
12 Czech Republic Prague Koruna
13 Denmark Copenhagen Krone
14 Estonia Tallinn Euro
15 Finland Helsinki Euro
16 France Paris Euro
17 Georgia Tbilisi Lari
18 Germany Berlin Euro
19 Greece Athens Euro
20 Hungary Budapest Forint
21 Iceland Reykjavik Icelandic Krona
22 Ireland Dublin Euro
23 Italy Rome Euro
24 Latvia Riga Euro
25 Liechtenstein Vaduz Swiss Franc
26 Lithuania Vilnius Euro
27 Luxembourg Luxembourg City Euro
28 Macedonia Skopje Macedonian Denar
29 Malta Valletta Euro
30 Moldova Chisinau Moldovan Leu
31 Monaco Monaco Euro
32 Montenegro Podgorica Euro
33 Netherlands Amsterdam (but the government resides in The Hague) Euro
34 Norway Oslo Norwegian Krone
35 Poland Warsaw Zloty
36 Portugal Lisbon Euro
37 Romania Bucharest Romanian Leu
38 San Marino San Marino Euro
39 Serbia Belgrade Serbian Dinar
40 Slovakia Bratislava Euro
41 Slovenia Ljubljana Euro
42 Spain Madrid Euro
43 Sweden Stockholm Swedish Krona
44 Switzerland Bern Swiss Franc
45 Ukraine Kiev Hryvnia
46 United Kingdom London Pound Sterling
47 Vatican City Vatican City Euro

Facts about South America :

  • Largest Country: Brazil.
  • Largest City: Sao Paolo in Brazil.
  • Smallest Country: Suriname.
  • Biggest Island: Tierra del Fuego
  • Longest River: Amazon River
  • Highest Mountain: Aconcagua in Argentina.
  • Biggest Lake: Lake Titicaca
  • Driest Place: the Atacama desert in Chile is considered the driest place on earth.

EUROPE Currencies, Capitals and Facts:

S.No. Country Capital Currency
1 Argentina Buenos Aire Argentine Peso
2 Bolivia Sucre Boliviano
3 Brazil Brasilia Real
4 Chile Santiago Chilean Peso
5 Colombia Bogota Colombian Peso
6 Ecuador Quito US Dollar
7 Guyana Georgetown Guyana Dollar
8 Paraguay Asuncion Guarani
9 Peru Lima Nuevo Sol
10 Suriname Paramaribo Suriname Dollar
11 Uruguay Montevideo Uruguay Peso
12 Venezuela Caracas Bolivar

Facts about Europe :

  • Largest country: The European part of Russia
  • Largest capital city: Moscow.
  • Smallest country: Vatican City is the smallest country not only in Europe, but also in the world.
  • Biggest island: Greenland
  • Smallest town: Hum in Croatia is the smallest town not only in Europe but in the world.
  • Most populous city: Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey is commonly referred to as Europe’s largest city.
  • Most densely populated country: Monaco.
  • Mount Elbrus in Russia (5642 m/ 18510 ft) is the highest mountain in Europe.
  • The Volga River in Russia is Europe’s longest river. It is 3692 km/ 2295 miles long.

OCEANIA Currencies, Capitals and Facts:

S.No. Country Capital Currency
1 Australia Canberra Australian Dollar
2 Fiji Suva Fijian Dollar
3 Kiribati South Tarawa Kiribati Dollar (pegged at par with the Australian Dollar)
4 Marshall Island Majuro US Dollar
5 Micronesia Palikir US Dollar
6 Nauru No Official Capital^ Australian Dollar
7 New Zealand Wellington New Zealand Dollar
8 Palau Ngerulmud (situated in Melekeok state) US Dollar
9 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Kina
10 Samoa Apia Tala
11 Solomon Islands Honiara Solomon Islands Dollar
12 Tonga Nuku’alofa pa’anga
13 Tuvalu Funafuti Australian Dollar and Tuvaluan Dollar
14 Vanuatu Port Vila Vatu

Facts about Oceania :

  • Oceania’s biggest and most populous city is Sydney.
  • The highest mountain on land is Mount Cook in New Zealand.
  • Rugby is the most popular sport in the region.

AFRICA Currencies, Capitals and Facts:

S.No. Country Capital Currency
1 Algeria Algiers Algerian Dinar
2 Angola Luanda Angolan Kwanza
3 Botswana Gaborone Botswana Pula
4 Burundi Bujumbura Burundian Franc
5 Cameroon Yaounde Central African Franc
6 Cape Verde Praia Cape Verdean Escudo
7 Central African Republic Bangui Central African Franc
8 Chad N’Djamena Central African Franc
9 Congo Brazzaville Central African Franc
10 Congo, Democratic Republic of Kinshasa Congolese Franc
11 Egypt Cairo Egyptian Pound
12 Equatorial Guinea Malabo Central African Franc
13 Ethiopia Addis Ababa Ethiopian Birr
14 Gambia Banjul Gambian Dalasi
15 Ghana Accra Ghana Cedi
16 Guinea Conakry Guinean Franc
17 Guinea-Bissau Bissau West African Franc
18 Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro West African Franc
19 Kenya Nairobi Kenyan Shilling
20 Libya Tripoli Libyan Dinar
21 Madagascar Antananarivo Malagasy Ariary
22 Mali Bamako West African Franc
23 Mauritius Port Louis Mauritian Rupee
24 Morocco Rabat Moroccan Dirham
25 Mozambique Maputo Mozambique Metical
26 Namibia Windhoek Namibian Dollar
27 Niger Niamey West African Franc
28 Nigeria Abuja Nigerian Naira
29 Rwanda Kigali Rwandan Franc
30 Seychelles Victoria Seychelles Rupee
31 Sierra Leone Freetown Leone
32 Somalia Mogadishu Somali Shilling
33 South Africa 3 capitals – Cape Town (Legislative Capital – seat of parliament); Pretoria (Administrative Capital); Bloemfontein (Judicial Capital) Rand
34 South Sudan Juba South Sudanese Pound
35 Sudan Khartoum Sudanese pound
36 Tanzania Dodoma Tanzanian Shilling
37 Tunisia Tunis Tunisian Dinar
38 Uganda Kampala Uganda Shilling
39 Zambia Lusaka Zambian Kwacha
40 Zimbabwe Harare Zimbabwe Dollar

  Facts about Africa:

  • Largest Country: Algeria.
  • Largest City: Lagos in Nigeria.
  • Biggest Island: Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.
  • Longest River: Nile (6852 km/ 4258 miles).
  • Highest Mountain: Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The highest peak of the mountain ‘Kibo’, is called ‘Uhuru Peak’.
  • Biggest Lake: Lake Victoria
  • Driest Place: The Sahara
  • The most populous city in Africa is Lagos with more than 21 million people.

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