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Here, you will find Today (30-09-2020) FPSC PREVENTIVE OFFICER CUSTOMS (BS-16) Batch-1 and Batch-2 Morning solved Mcqs. These preventive officers past paper questions are shared by those who have taken the exam.

FPSC repetitive questions Mcqs


1. Largest country by population? Indonesia
2. Qibla change in Which Hijri? Hijri 2nd
3. PM of Turkey? None of These (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan)
4. Annual gathering of the united nation? Sept
5. ECO founding members? Iran Pak Turkey
6. German chancellor name? Angela Merkel
7. 2nd Constitution year? 1962
8. Modraba means? Modaraba is an Islamic way of business.
9. 5th eastern economic forum held in which country? Russia
10. Zimmies means? Non-Muslims
11. Denuclearization of two Korean countries date? 18th Sept 2018
12. BRICS full form? Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa
13. First space launching country? Russia
14. In which era people refused to pay zakat? Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A
15. Zakat became obligatory in ? 2 A.H
16. Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A send which Commander to Syria? Khalid ibn Waleed
17. List of Powers in 1973 Constitution? 1,2 or 3?
18. Sheikh ul Islam is title of ? Abuzar Ghaffari
19. Transparency International HQ? Berlin
20. Which country first recognized Pakistan? Iran
21. Canada border with? USA
22. China Currency? Yaun
23. H5N1 is a? Virus
24. The CPEC will enter through? Khunjrab
25. World oldest space launch facility is where? Russia
26. Ariana is Airline of? Afghanistan
27. PK Railway HQ? Lahore
28. Caliphate of Turkey was dissolved in? 1924
29. Acting President in absence of President ? Chairman Senate
30. Census in Pak is due as per constitution after how many years ? 10 years
31. Suez Canal belongs to? Egypt
32. Which country Foriegn Minister paid a surprise visit to G7 summit ? Iran
33. Pakistan India boundary line in miles? 1200+ miles
34. Durand line is b/w Pakistan and ? Afghanistan
35. Short key for justify? Ctrl+J
36. Cell range from E1 to E5 is? E1:E5
37. Processed data is called? Output
38. Formula in excel starts with sign? Is equal to =
39. How to add time & date in Excel? now()
40. Ms excel is a ? Spreadsheet
41. Shortcut key for 1.5 line spacing? Ctrl + 5.
42. India removed special status of Kashmir on? 5th Aug 2019
43. Balochistan got status of Province in? 1970
44. Which one is absolute function… $A$i
45. Data arrangement in cell is called? sorting
46. How to quickly calculate data? Autocalculate feature
47. Which bar shows count of document in word?
48. Same data in cells is called?

Some other MCQs of Today preventive officer test Mcqs (Batch-1)

Who proposed azan?
Hajj performed which day?
When china join wto?
Play ground of europe?
1 metric ton is equal to?
Pakistan largest exporter partner?
When china join WTO?
Firsr women of high court islambad?
First women pilot honured by PAF?
How many surah with the name of prophet?
Which shabi name is mentioned in Quran?
Every person in which should served for army must be one year?
One question is trump about Afghanistan?
Who won the snoccer in 2019 (player name)?
Dasu dam is situated in?
FCNA is deployed where?
Chief ECP of pakistan?
Curreny of turkey?
SAAR headquarter is in ?H2N5 is ? Virus

Ariana is airline of ? None

Hajj was made obligatory ? 2 hijri

Zakat was made obligatory ? 9 hijri

Brics? Brazil russia india china southafrica

North and south korea signed deal ? 2018

Sheik ul islam title of ? Abuzar ghaffari

spell check? F7

Justify ? Ctrl J

Khilafat was abolished in turkey ? 2024

Angela merkel is ? Chancellor

Ghazwa khyber was fought ? Quresh

Headquarter of transperncy international ? Berlin

Number of words in ms word ? Status bar

Pakistan joins to china ? Sinkiange

Highest pass? Khujerab pass

Eco ? Pakistan afg turkey

Today Preventive officer “BPS-16” test. (Batch 1) Date: 30/9/2020

1) Operation Zarb e Azab started in.?
2) GIGO stands for.?
3) Normal keyboard has ………. Types of groups?
4) Wakhan Corridor located in.?
5) Dasu Dam located in.?
6) First female fighter of air force.
7) 1st female judge of high court of Pakistan.?
8) Which party won election of 2018 in Turkey.?
9) Currency of Turkey.?
10) 1 metric ton is equal to how many kg.?
11) Taruaat revealed on which Prophet.?
12) Karakoram highway is also known as..?
13) Product of two prime numbers made? odd number, even number or prime number?
14) SIPRI 2019 report Pakistan. Don’t remember exact question.?
15) First space satellite launched by Pakistan in.?
16) Total percentage % of Hindus in Pakistan.?
17) Total surah with names of prophets in Quran.?
18) FCNA deployed in Pakistan in.?
19) which country is called Playground of Europe.?
20) World Snooker championship 2019 won by.?
21) Largest Agency of FATA..?
22) which country is Pakistan’s Largest exporter partner.?
23) Iran threatened Pakistan through its terrorist agency.?
24) China hosted dialogue on Asian civilization 2019 in.?
25) Which country is the most emitter of carbon Dioxide.?
26) Which country government’s policy is that every person between 18 to 25 will serve in armed force at least for 1 year.?
27) SAARC permanent Secretary location.?
28) Islamic miltary Alliance formed in..?
20 questions were from mathematics including.
Some Computer mcqs from MS Word, power point, MS Excel.

English MCQs

There were Mcqs about Corrections
5 Prepostional phrases and
5 Identify parts of speech

Maths MCQs

Sequence series, missing number, Simple conversion question feet to inch, yard to revolution and diameter etc


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