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Junior Clerk Anti Corruption Original Paper MCQs held by PPSC on 13-09-2020

Here, you will find some important MCQs of Junior Clerk Anti Corruption Original Paper which was held by PPSC on 13-09-2020. These MCQs were taken from various aspirants who took the test. Please share the other MCQs of the same Anti Corruption Junior Clerk paper if you remember, You can also share its answers in the comment box below

Junior Clerk Anti Corruption Original Paper MCQs

  1. Capital of Egypt Cairo
  2. Director of FIA Wajid Zia
  3. 1973 amendment for boundaries 1st
  4. Governor-General after Quaid e Azam Khwaja Nazimudin
  5. Emperor Hamayu exiled duration 15 years
  6. Pemra chairman M Saleem Baig
  7. which Muslim League headquarters decided in 1906
  8. Frederic Passy belongs to France
  9. Pakistan Ideology based on 2 nation theory
  10. Term of president 5 year
  11. Canada not in BRICS
  12. North and South poles separated by the Equator
  13. Pakistan joined UNO on 30 SEP 1947
  14. Ali Garh college administrator
  15. How many Nishane Haider awarded till now (11)
  16. Ab Devillier belongs to South Africa
  17. Sachal Sarmast famous poet of province Sindh
  18. Cataracts eye disease
  19. Ibne Batuta came into Sun continent in the reign of M bin Taghluq
  20. 1973 Governor shall not hold any office of profit.
  21. Series 2 ,4 ,6 ,10 ,28 >82
  22. One-fourth of 15
  23. Sold price 220 on 10% profit original price
  24. PH… 46 then HP >64
  25. 265*6 gives the complete square
  26. 1 inch= 60 then 2.5 inch = 150 mile
  27. 2x+7=19 then X=6
  28. 100 kg mass on earth-moon it will be lower
  29. Which is wrong? 22/7=3.2
  30. Divide 100 into equal parts ..
  31. Shawal which Islamic month 10
  32. Waqia Ma Raj 27 Rajab
  33. Hazrat Umer R.A martyred on 1st Muharram
  34. Islamic Calendar by Hazrat Umer R.A
  35. Hazrat David as book
  36. Hazrat Yaqoob as Bani Israel
  37. The second source of knowledge Hadees

English portion:

Active and Passive voice very easy,
A preposition and 2 antonyms

MS Office And Urdu Portion:

10 Questions from Urdu and rest from MS Office

  1. Rows and columns intersect at cell
  2. Word Automatically save the document after 10 minutes
  3. Power point-max zoom 400%
  4. Minimum rows and columns in word 1*1
  5. Find shortcut ctrl+F
  6. Thesaurus built-in dictionary
  7. Mail merge in tab Merging
  8. Use the equal sign to use formula
  9. Total page Layouts
  10. Clipboard in the Home tab for cut and paste
  11. Name of word document document1
  12. Header and footer in which menu
  13. To fix values use Absolute reference
  14. Screenshot in which menu
  15. Drop cap function
  16. Word Art function
  17. Animation in which menu
  18. Merge function
  19. The function of the title bar
  20. Transitions done on slides
  21. Next slide short cut
  22. All slides selection process
  23. RULER function

NOTE: These MCQs are shared by users where mistakes can be found and corrections are welcome.

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