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MOD Ministry of Defence 2024 Syllabus For AD & Sub Inspector

Here, you can read about the MOD Ministry of Defence 2021 Syllabus for the posts of AD & Sub Inspector, Assistant, ASI, TRF ANL, UDC/LDC, SUPERVISOR, TECHNICIAN, SE and SDO from BPS 7 to 19. According to the Ministry of Defence MOD 2021, this time tests for various posts will be a surprising test. However, yet one can expect the syllabus of the MOD 2021 from the past papers MCQs of MOD exams. Therefore, here, the most expected syllabus is given. If you prepare this syllabus you will not only cover the test but will also get higher marks.

MOD 2021 Syllabus for ALL Other posts:

Other posts of the MOD 2021 may comprise Mathematics, Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, Islamiyat and English


English MOD portion may contain the following things


Kindly focus on Formulas, Percentage, Age Findings, Value Findings, Direction

  • Basic Mathematical Skills.
  • Concepts and ability to reasons quantitatively and solve problems in a
    quantitative setting.
  • Basic Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry (Average, Ratios, Rates, Percentage,
    Angles, Triangles, Sets, Remainders, Equations, Symbols, Rounding of Numbers
  • Random Sampling

General Knowledge:

This is a vast subject where anything can be anticipated here, therefore, focus on past papers for this very section.

But focus on the following things

Pakistan Affairs:

Do cover the Current Social, Political and Economical issues with all major events of the past.

  • Pakistan’s relations with its Neighbors (India, China, Afghanistan, Russia)
  • Pakistan’s relations with the Muslim World (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia,
  • Pakistan’s relations with the United States
  • Pakistan’s relations with Regional and International Organizations (UN, SAARC,
    ECO, OIC, WTO, CW)

Current Affairs:

Global Issues
– International Security
– International Political Economy
– Human Rights
– Environment: Global Warming, Kyoto Protocol, Copenhagen Accord
– Population: world population trends, world population policies
– Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
– Global Energy Politics
– Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Security
– Nuclear Politics in South Asia
– International Trade (Doha Development Round and Bali Package)
– Cooperation and Competition in the Arabian Sea, Indian and Pacific Oceans.
– Millennium Development Goals, Current Status,
– Globalization
– Middle East Crisis
– Kashmir Issue
– Palestine Issue

Your Post Related:

You must take knowledge of your post.

MOD 2021 Syllabus for Assistant Direction AD:

It should be noted that last time MOD 2020 had 200 MCQs which was conducted by NTS. In the MOD 2020 test, some other subjects like Psychology, Urdu, Mass Communication, Sociology, History and Computer Science were included. However, MOD 2021 Syllabus for Other posts were not that complex which had only Mathematics, Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, Islamiyat and English.


English MOD portion may contain the following things

Synonyms, Antonyms, Abbreviations, Prepositions, Idioms, Direct/Indirect, Active/Passive etc


Poets, Books, Famous Things, Dates, Important Personalities, Cultures, Art


Formulas, Percentage, Age Findings, Value Findings, Direction

Intelligence Questions:

Analogy, Logical, Quick Maths

General Knowledge:

Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, Everyday Science

Analytical Reasoning:

Logical & Critical Thinking Analysis Calculations, Series


Pakistan, India, Ministry, Intelligence, Conflicts, Neighbors, Debts, Covid, Constitution, Law Computer Science: Shortcut keys, programming language, mathematical calculations Geography: Area, Length, Old or New Names, Maps, History


Technical questions

Mass communications:

Media related questions


You must take knowledge of your post

Here, you will find all the past papers of MCQs Papers and Descriptive original papers of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) 2021 and 2022.

Ministry of Defence (MOD) ALL Past Paper MCQs & Question Papers
Ministry of Defence (MOD) ALL Past Paper MCQs & Question Papers

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