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Election officer commission act 2017 mcqs pdf download MCQs – 10

Election Act 2017 MCQs by CSS MCQs logo
Election Act 2017 MCQs by CSS MCQs

Election tribunal shall comprise of________ in case of local govt. Election.


A. Judge of high court

B. Judge of Supreme court

C. Judge of district Court

D. Any of the above

How much deposit fee is required for national assembly?


A. 30k

B. 50k

C. 10k

D. None of these

what is name of system which recently launched by ECP?


A. Complain management system

B. Answer management system

C. school management system

D. None of these

What is meant by member in election act?


A. member of senate

B. member of provincial assembly

C. member of national assembly

D. All of these

How many reserved seats for women in national assembly?


A. 30

B. 50

C. 60

D. None of these

How to check vote ?


A. by sending mail to ECP

B. by sending text message to 8300

C. by contacting NADRA

D. None of these

On which form will the candidate submit his election expenses to ECP?


A. form A

B. form B

C. form C

D. None of these

who will be responsible to maintain law and order situation in polling station?


A. Presiding officer

B. Returning officer

C. Federal Government

D. None of these

How much time will be fixed for polling day?


A. not less than 5 hours

B. not less than 7 hours

C. not less than 8 hours

D. None of these

How many voters will be allowed to a polling both?


A. not more than 500

B. not more 100

C. not more than 300

D. None of these

According to section 53 of election commission the RO and ARO should be appointed________ days before the election programe.


A. 3days

B. 6days

C. 9days

D. 12days

Number of ballot papers per polling stations are rounded up to__________?


A. 100

B. 1000

C. both

D. none of the above

A deposit may become non-refundable if a candidate obtain votes less than_________ of total votes cast in a constituency


A. 1/4

B. 1/3

C. 1/2

D. none of the above

Hours of the poll shall not be less than__________ hours?


A. 7

B. 8

C. 9

D. 6

A candidate may retire from the election by informing RO not later than________ days before the polling day.


A. 5 days

B. 4 days

C. 3 days

D. 1days

Election symbols are allotted through RO under section:


A. 67

B. 66

C. 65

D. 64


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