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Solved CSS General Science GK-I Past Papers MCQs 2012

Here, you will have General Science and Ability 2012 Solved CSS Past Paper. As before 2016, CSS General Science and Abitility (GSA) paper was known as CSS General Science GK-I. At that time, this paper also had a total of 50 MCQs with having a total of 50marks. So, here you will get all CSS General Science GK-I Past Papers MCQs 2012.

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General Science and Ability Quiz

General Science and Ability 2012 Solved CSS Past Paper

1.    RAM is the abbrevition of:

A.   Random Access Memory
B.   Read and Memorize
C.    Reading Access Memory
D.   None of these

2.   Which of the following is an infectious disease ?

A.   Baldness
B.   Deafness
C.   Blindness
D.   None of these

3.   Arachnophobia is fear of:

A.   Snake
B.    Spider
C.   Cockroach
D.   None of these

4.   One light year is equal to:

A.   Distance travelled by light in one of our solar year
B.   Mean distance between the Sun and the Earth
C.   Mean distance between the Moon and the Earth
D.   Mean distance between the Sun and any planet

5.   Electricity and Magnetism are:

A.   Two aspects of same force
B.   Completely opposite in direction
C.   Both a and b
D.   None of the above

6.   Richest source of omega 3 acids is:

A.   Fish oil
B.   Sunflower
C.   Soyabean
D.   None of the above

7.   Which of the following is a mammal?

A.   Whale
B.   Dolphin
C.   Tuna
D.   Both a and b

8.   Which of the following reaction happens on Sun?

A.   Nuclear fission of uranium and plutonium
B.   Nuclear fission of hydrogen into helium
C.   Nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium
D.   Nuclear fusion of helium into hydrogen

9.   Atmospheric pressure at sea level is:

A.   1 psi
B.   4.7 psi
C.   32 psi
D.   None of the above

10.   Weight on the moon is:

A.   Same as that on the earth
B.   Double as that on the earth
C.   One sixth as that on the earth
D.   One half as that on the earth

11.   Ibn Zuhr writer of Al-Taisir was famous for his contribution in:

A.   Surgery
B.   Calculus
C.   Astronomy
D.   None of these

12.   In his book “Kitab Al-jabr wal-Muqabla” Al-Khawarizmi?

A.   Solved Ptolemy’s hypothesis
B.   Solved linear and quadratic equation
C.   Solved nth root solution to mathematical equation by graphical method
D.   Laid the foundation for optics

13.   “Truth is sought for itself but the truths,are Immersed in uncertainities and the scientific authorities not immune from error”Which famous scholar of 11th century said that:

A.   Plato
B.   Ibn Al Haitham
C.   Aristotle
D.   None of the above

14.    What is correct sequence of inner planets of our solar system?

A.   Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune
B.   Mercury,Mars,Earth,Venus
C.   Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars
D.   None of the above

15.   Sun is a :

A.   Blue giant
B.   Yellow dwarf
C.   Supernova
D.   None of the above

16.   Galileo was persecuted for his belief that:

A.   Earth moves round the Sun
B.   Center of the universe is the Earth
C.   All heavenly bodies revolve round the Earth
D.   None of the above

17.   Newton and Leibniz are considered father of:

A.   Calculus
B.   General theory of relativity
C.   Astronomy
D.   Physics

18.   The energy and matter in a closed system:

A.   are conserved
B.   Changed from one form to another
C.   Both a and b
D.   None of the above

19.   Father transfer Y chromosome to?

A.   Son
B.   Daughter
C.   Both of these
D.   None of these

20.    An Ovum is:

A.   Diploid
B.   Hiploid
C.   Triploid
D.   None of the above

21.   Prokaryotic cell contains

A.   Nucleaus
B.   Ribosome
C.   Vacoule
D.   Chloroplast

22.   Vitamin D is:

A.   Fat soluble
B.   Water soluble
C.   Both a and b
D.   None of the above

23.   Chromosomes are found in:

A.   Centrioles
B.   Nucleoplasm
C.   Nucleolus
D.   Mitochondria

24.   Which among the following highest calorie count in a given quantity?

A.   Proteins
B.   Carbohydrates
C.   Fats
D.   Vitamins

25.   The deficiency of Iodine causes the following disease:

A.   Dental Caries
B.   Scruvy
C.   Goiter
D.   Rickets

26.   Which amongst the following is known as the “Brain of computer” ?

A.   Memory Unit
B.   Arithmatic and Logic Unit
C.   Control Unit
D.   None of the above

27.   The largest asteroid is:

A.   Ceres
B.   Eris
C.   Phobos
D.   Sedria

28.   Which amongst the following cannot pass through space?

A.   Light
B.   Radition
C.   Heat
D.   Sound

29.   The average distance between Sun and Earth is known as:

A.   Angstorm
B.   Astronomical Unit
C.   Apongea
D.   Aphelion

30.   Which of the following is a “Green House Gas” ?df

A.   Sulphur Dioxide
B.   Nitrous Oxide
C.   Nitrogen
D.   Oxygen

31.   Gymnophobia is the fear of:

A.   closed spaces
B.   Height
C.   Nudity
D.   Trees

32.   What are the places experiencing equal impact of an earthquake called ?

A.   Siesmic lines
B.   Siesmic bells
C.   Snow lines
D.   Isobars

33.   The Great Barrier Reef is a:

A.   Hill range
B.   Coral formation
C.   Man-made wall
D.   Tidal bore

34.   What is shape of earth’s orbit around the sun?

A.   Elliptical
B.   Circular
C.   Hyperbolic
D.   Parabolic

35.   Day and night are the result of:

A.   Earth’s rotation around the axix
B.   Earth’s revolution
C.   Earth’s rotation accompained by its revolution
D.   None of these

36.   The layer of atmosphere close to the Earth’s surface is called:

A.   Exosphere
B.   Ionosphere
C.   Stratosphere
D.   Troposphere

37.   Earthquakes are caused by:

A.   Tectonism
B.   Denudation
C.   Earth’s revolution
D.   Earth rotation

38.   The greatest mass of ice on the Earth is found in:

A.   Canada
B.   Siberia
C.   Antarctica
D.   Greenland

39.   The oceans covers approximately — of the Earth’s surface?

A.   50%
B.   60%
C.   70%
D.   80%

40.   Moonsoon is caused by:

A.   Seasonal reversal of winds
B.   Revolution of Earth
C.   Movements of clouds
D.   Rise in temprature

41.    Excluding the Moon the celestial object which appear brightest in the sky:

A.   Venus
B.   Jupiter
C.   Polestar
D.   Sirus

42.   Tides in the ocean are caused by:

A.   Attraction of the Moon
B.   Spherical surface of Earth
C.   Gravitation of the Earth
D.   Gravitational attraction of the Sun and the Moon

43.   The motor neurons relay messages with brain and ?

A.   Receptors
B.   Effectors
C.   Stimulus
D.   Sensors

44.    Gigantism and dwarfism is caused by the following hormone:?

A.   GH
B.   ADH
C.   LH
D.   FSH

45.   — is a clear yellowish fluid portion of blood which contains fibrin and other soluble clotting elements?

A.   Serum
B.   Plasma
C.   Lymph
D.    None of the above

46.   Veins differ from arteries having:

A.   Thicker walls
B.   Strong walls
C.   Valves
D.   All of the above

47.   The process of breaking down food in living cells to release a smalll amount of energy in the absence of oxygen is termed as :

A.   Aerobic respiration
B.   Anaerobic respiration
C.   Metabolism
D.   None of the above

48.    Ribosomes,the sites of protein synthesis are under:

A.   In cytoplasm
B.   Attached to Rough Endoplasmic Recticulum
C.   Both a and b
D.   None of the above

49.   In a DNA molecule:

A.   Adenine always bound with thyine
B.   Thymine always bound with guanine
C.   Cytosine always bound with thymine
D.   Guanine always bound with Cytcsine

50.   Uracll base is found in :

A.   RNA
B.   DNA
C.   Both a and b
D.   None of the above

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