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Here, in this post you are going to find some World Famous Parliaments for General knowledge MCQs of CSS, PMS and All Other Competitive Exams. Although, in the world every country has their own parliament which has a unique name. However, for convenience only the well known Parliaments of the world are given here. If you only cover and remember these names of famous parliaments of the world, that will be more than enough.

List of well known Parliaments of the world.

  1. Afghanistan parliament is called Shora
  2. Australia parliament is called Federal Parliament
  3. Britain parliament is called Parliament i.e (House of commons and House of Lords)
  4. Bhutan parliament is called Tshogdu
  5. Bangladesh parliament is called Jatiya Sansad
  6. China parliament is called National people‟s Congress
  7. Canada parliament is called Parliament
  8. Denmark parliament is called Folketing
  9. Germany Bundstag (Lower House) and Bundesrat (Upper House)
  10. Iran parliament is called Majlis
  11. Japan parliament is called Diet
  12. Norway parliament is called Storting
  13. Spain Cortes Generales
  14. Russia parliament is called Duma
  15. U.S.A. Congress (house of Representatives and Senate)

If know some names of the other famous Parliament of the well known countries of the world. Please add in the comment box below. Soon we will update this list of famous Parliaments of the world.

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General Knowledge MCQs
General Knowledge MCQs by CSSMCQs

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