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General Science And Ability (GSA) CSS Paper 2024

Here you will find the CSS General Science & Ability Paper 2024. Read and download the CSS GSA Paper 2024 now. Similarly, you can get general science and ability css paper 2024 mcqs HERE

To download CSSGeneral Science & Ability Paper 2021, visit HERE

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General Science And Ability CSS Paper 2024 pdf

css gsa paper 2024 page-1
css gsa paper 2024 page-1

CSS 2024 GSA Paper page-2

gsa css paper 2023 page-2
gsa css paper 2023 page-2

View and download FPSC CSS PAST PAPERS OF CSS 2024

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CSS General Science and Ability Paper 2024
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  1. (a) What is Tuberculosis and Hepatitis? Explain briefly.
  2. (b) Explain the mechanism of Fiber Optic Cable for signal. Explain its construction.
  3. (c)Explain the difference between Middle Latitude Cyclones and Tornadoes.
  4. (d)What is the difference between Ionic and Covalent bonding? Give examples.


(a) What is the difference between Plastics and Elastics? Explain briefly.

(b) What is the role of Remote sensing and GIS in environmental Science? Discuss briefly.

(c) What are Kepler’s laws related to the motion of planets?

(d) What is the difference between preservatives and antioxidants? Discuss briefly with examples.


(a) What is the role of Carbohydrates and Vitamins in the body? Discuss briefly.

(b) Discuss the functioning of Liver and Pancreas.

(c) What are the standards of drinking water? How do Heavy Metals in the water affect living organisms?

(d) What is radioactivity? Discuss the laws of radioactivity. Name two radioactive elements.


(a) What are the Plant nutrition elements? Enumerate them.

(b) What is the difference between software and hardware? Give examples of each.

(c) What are the types of earthquake waves? Discuss them.

(d) What are longitudinal waves, electromagnetic, and Gamma radiations? Discuss them.



(a) If the sum of four numbers is 105, and when 03 is added to a number, twice of another number, five times of the third number, and the fourth number become equal to each other. What are these numbers in ascending order?

(b) Find out the correct word from the given jumbled spellings.




(c) Find the missing numbers in the series below.

(i) 100, 50, 25, ?, 6.25

(v) 44, 22, 66, 33, 132, ?

(III) 4, 9, 64, 125, 1296, ?

(d) If the sum of a three-digit number is 15 and the sum of 100 and the unit digit is 12. The difference of the unit digit from the 100 digits is equal to 02. What is the three-digit number?


(a) A man travels over the path of a right-angle triangle having base and hypotenuse 4 and 5 kilometers, respectively. After a complete round, he continues in the same direction for 6 km and then turns at 90 degrees and continues for another 8 km. How long has he traveled, and how far is he from his starting point?

(b) Hassan, Ali, Akbar, Nasir, and Shahbaz are classmates having different pocket money. Hassan’s pocket money is one-third as much as Ali’s, and Ali has five times as much as Akbar. Akbar has thrice as much as Nasir, and Shahbaz gets equal to Nasir and that of Ali. If they get Rs. 8000, then find the pocket money of each.

What will be the surface area and volume of a sphere if it has a radius of 7 m?

Distribute Rs. 4320 among Zain, Aslam, and Ashraf in such a way that if Zain gets 2 parts, then Aslam gets three parts, whereas Ashraf gets seven parts.


(a) A man purchases a car for an amount of Rs. 2400,000 in which he pays one-fourth extra as profit. Find the original amount of the car and the amount of profit.

(b) Twelve men can complete a job in twenty-four days. After four days, four people quit. In how many days will this job be completed by the remaining persons?

(c) The shadow of a 10 m tall tree is falling on a high-rise building, and its height is 100 m. If the tree is 20 m away from the wall, at what distance from the wall is the light source?

(d) There are three cars that start moving in such a way that car A and B are moving opposite with speeds of 60 and 100 km/h. Car C is moving perpendicularly to both with a speed of 80 km/h. What is the distance after 15 minutes between (i) A and B (ii) A and C (iii) B and C?

Visit HERE for general science and ability css paper 2021 solved MCQs

The complete solution of the GSA 2024 past Paper will be shared soon after the exam Insha’ALLAH.

GSA CSS Papers 2016-2024 MCQs Quizzes

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